A Reply To Yang’s Open Letter
Mathios Meridius

I just can’t agree with this, as much as I want to. I too have spent a lifetime playing Pokemon, even to the point that it heavily influenced my decision to live in Japan for several years. I still have them all, either on Gameboy or emulators on my phone/tablet. But the key difference is that there WERE specific places that you could always find specific Pokemon, even if you had to wait or look around a while. For example, Growlithe in Crystal was in a patch of grass outside one of the cities (it’s been a while since I picked Crystal back up tbh, so I forget which one). You had to wander that patch, but he was always there eventually. Or Pikachu in Viridian Forest in FireRed. He had a low spawn rate but at least I knew WHERE to look and if I had the time, would get one eventually. Personally, I work 3+ jobs and am currently working on my PhD, so my time is scarce but I love spending it in Pokemon Go when it is a wasted effort for 50 more Ratattas. The tracking function at least made me able to know I was going in the right direction to find the Pokemon that was nearby. I just don’t have the time to wander for several hours in the real world or the means to travel several hours to somewhere far to hopefully chance upon a Dragonite or Arcanine, and I think that holds true for a lot of people also. And Pokevision actually didn’t help me to get the one I play the games for (Arcanine), and there were several times that it wasn’t correct either, and I still had to walk around a park or field to find what I was looking for. So for me it truly was just a supplement for when I couldn’t find something that was already near me.

But I do agree that some other core features are missing from the game in general that should be addressed, like battles and trading.

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