ETHBOOKS an ebook store that focuses on Cryptocurrency

ETHBOOK is Ebook store that focuses on Cryptocurrency. This platform uses a blockchain technology and A personal token called “EBK”. A token created using Smart-contrac ethereum as a means of payment on the ETHBOOK platform. Publishers can directly upload their work into the ETHBOOK Platform without having to pay a fee. On the other side buyers can search, review and buy ebook related to the subject they are looking for.
The Ethbooks platform will be a shop for people looking for adequate, detailed, and quality information about cryptocurrency.

For your information E-book is an abbreviation of Electronic Book. E-book is nothing but a digital book that can be opened through a computer. As the technology progresses, now E-book can be opened through your personal Smartphone.

Back to the topic at hand.

Ethbooks has two services that customers can use, which are in the form of web and smartphone apps available for free in Play store, Apple Store, and Windows Store. To protect the books sold on the platform, ethbooks use EthSquad a system built to protect the Ebook from piracy. Later ETHBOOK will introduce an Application to make it easier for costumers to read the Ebook they bought. The app is EthReader an app that provides the best reading experience.

Features that Built-in on the ETHBOOK platform.

  1. Searching Engine : Make it easier for costumers to find ebooks by title, ISBN, series, publisher or keyword.
  2. Best Seller Sections : show ebooks that has been bought alot by costumers.
  3. Top Rated Section : shows ebooks based solely on rating.
  4. Editor’s pick : show ETHBOOK Editor’s high quality choice of ebooks.
  5. New Crypto eBooks : Show new ebook published on ETHBOOK Platform. Popular categories: Displays many ebooks on the ETHBOOK Platform.
  6. Two Factor Authentication : A security program to prevent unauthorized access to the account.
  7. DDos Mitigation: Protection from DdoS to keep the Platform uninterrupted.
  8. SSL Implementation: Ensure traffic runs entirely above encrypted SSL (https) to secure data transmitted over the internet.
    Apply PGP encryption to EBK Wallet. This will ensure the security of the EBK tokens stored in EthBooks.
  9. Ethbooks Forum: ETHBOOK community forums to discuss various issues related to cryptocurrency.
  10. EthSquad : Anti-Piracy System to protect Ebook on Ethbooks platform.

Some interesting facts about Ebook sales

  1. According to Statistical data on ebooks, 1.35 billion ebooks have been sold between 2010 and 2016 in the US, with 221 million copies sold in 2016. Looking at these statistics Ethbooks is targeting a sizeable market share in every country. Because people’s interest in Cryptocurrency is increasing every year.
  2. ETHBOOK is a one-stop platform that provides Advantages for costumer and Publishers.
  3. The demand for quality information about Cryptocurrency has increased in recent months. According to Google Trends, the number of searches on Google Search for “Bitcoin” continues to increase.

From some of the facts above, Ethbooks is a very promising Project, because The demand for information on Cryptocurrency is on the rise and Ebook is one way to get quality information.

Here is the details about ETHBOOK crowdsale:
Hardcaps: 42,500 ETH.
Softcaps: 1,500 ETH.
Total Supply: 100,000,000 EBK.
Tokens to be sold: 85,000,000 EBK.

Crowdsales will start from September 18 to October 20, 2017 or end after the hardcaps are reached. 10,000,000 EBK tokens will be stored for backup. If softcap is not achieved, all funds collected will be returned to investors. Unsold EBK tokens when crowdsales will be burned after the crowdsales end.

If you want to find out more about ETHBOOK and the latest information about them you can visit the link below:

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