Keeping the Community Together
Mike Belshe

You’re a liar and intentionally deceive your customers, investors, and the community at large. I don’t know what your intentions are here, but that pie chart is extremely misleading.

SPV wallets are not network participating nodes, and can barely be considered nodes at all.

Full-nodes relay transactions, blocks, and do all of the verification work before they relay that data.

Full-nodes ARE the network.

SPV wallets aren’t.

SPV wallets LEACH from the network, and they do it in a very very poor and misguided way.

Congratulations, you are officially on my list of deception artists. This isn’t a list you can get off of with a public apology after 2X fails either.

For anyone reading this, here is a better representation of actual nodes on the network, they all support Core, and they will all be completely incompatible with the 2X network:

For further reading regarding the 2X scam, please take a look at these:

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