Dark side of driving

Life consists of both good and bad.

Most people prefer to acknowledge only good and close their eyes and ears on bad. Shove it under the carpet.

But bad isn’t going to magically disappear so that people could continue their lives as usual.

So, you have a cool, fancy car. You enjoy driving. Drive out of need and on a whim, because you can.

Why not, fuel is not that expensive. And there is a wide range of cars, for everyone’s pocket.

So, you drive and don’t think about risks. You think I’m the boss and then -BAM !!!

Now you are not a boss. You are maybe dead, missing a limb or two, often you ruined someone else in this process of driving to the store to get a few groceries.

Because you just couldn’t take a walk, ride a bike or take public transport?!

Because you are too full of yourself and self-importance that you do not stop to think and ask yourself — why am I risking my life every day?

Because I like to drive???

So many people daily worldwide become unwilling participants of car accidents. But, when you mention to the public that there is a solution for it, they put you on mute.


Because people don’t want to hear ugly truth and they don’t want to change their habits, especially those habits they enjoy.

Even at the cost of self-destruction. Crazy, right?

Now, some will say the answer to reducing air pollution is in the electric car.

That’s correct till the point. And the point is electric car use electric power which also leads to climate change. Electric buses, maybe, someday.

Now, there is a new, emerging, danger, because through history it has been proven that every new invention is eventually abused and used often for bad purposes.

I’m talking about self-driving cars and drug transportation. Criminals keep up with new technologies.

Today they pay often up to $30.000 to transport the drugs from point A to point B. Imagine when they could put the drugs in the car and just send it, without drivers, without anybody. Without witnesses.

If you don’t have developed sense for saving the only planet we have, you don’t think clear water is important and you have a way to live without breathing clean air, maybe you should consider black statistics on car crashes, consequences …

So, I’m asking you this:

How long do you want to ruin the planet and your own lives?