Why are you ignoring us? #StopDrivingCar

We know that most people can’t imagine life without cars, but we also know that time for cars has passed if we want to save the planet for future generations. The stopdrivingcar.club site is intended as a publication that should enable people from all countries in the world to facilitate their transport.

Many people, especially from the USA, are constantly referring to not having a good public transport and therefore constantly polluting the planet. Why not try a different approach? Think about moving to a country where there is better public transport regulation. Make your politicians to move themselves and build you a public transport. Public transport is something from which the planet depends in a literal sense. There are many cities across Europe where people do not have to buy cars at all and still they come everywhere and do all their duties during the day.

We started Patreon before almost 150 days and to this day we haven't got one Patron. We left our jobs to deal with this problem as a full-time job. So, our site will give people information how to move fastest and without a car within their city, state, etc. We need resources for that. That’s why we are looking for Patrons, which could also be people who promote us offline, so that we can reach as many people as possible.

It’s almost unbelievable that all people have ignored us so far as if it is not a problem. Just look at the traffic jams. If everyone would drive by train or by bus, the crowds would be incomparably less and the planet would be less polluted, which is actually the main goal. We have an obligation for future generations to leave them a clean planet, same as we got from our grandfathers. Cars destroy the planet at every step. There are too many accidents, dead people and all that plus pollution that leads to new diseases and problems for the whole world.

Public transport is not for losers but for ordinary people. The fact that someone is driven by public transportation means that he is conscious and not that he is poor. People who use public transport on a daily basis should receive thank-you notes from their government because they are guarding the planet.

What Hollywood made of the car’s driving, which are wide roads, wind in the hair and freedom of movement, is a complete lie. Like most of the things you’ve seen only on the movie. The reality is that in cars life is lost, people remain disabled, and you contaminate the planet on a daily basis. The fact that your child is training a sport does not mean that you have to drive him on a training. The fact that you work somewhere does not mean that you have to get to that job by car. The fact that somebody told you it is cool does not mean it’s really cool.

Most people will say that the answer is in electric cars, but it is also a lie because electric cars are wasting electricity and the production of electricity also pollutes the planet. So, it is a little less polluted through exhaust gases because there are no, but the planet is polluted by the production of electricity. Fossil fuels, such as coal, are often used to produce electricity.

So there’s no real justification when you grab and turn the key in your car’s lock. Yes, you are a planet’s contaminant and you need to stop with such irrational behavior. Grow up already and stop playing with adult toys. When you need to travel somewhere, use public transport. That’s what it serves for.

After all, I beg you to help us survive because this initiative has a great potential for the well-being of the planet, it just needs to be pushed forward a bit.