Need more evidence the oil companies are #BadNeighbors?

Few people realize that Los Angeles was built on an oil field, and fewer understand how much urban oil extractions impact those who live next door.

Our #BadNeighbors series aims to change that. We told you about how the most vulnerable communities shoulder a disproportionate amount of the health burdens from oil wells. But there’s more to the story.

In our two new videos, we talked to kids from Wilmington about how living next door to an oil derrick damages their health. Then they told us about how they organized and fought back.

Watch, share, and spread the world. Check out our full #BadNeighbors series here.

The Kids

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Kids in Wilmington grow up next to #oilwells and carry the impacts with them forever. #BadNeighbors @StopFoolingCa

Wilmington has 1 #oilwell for every 9 people. Would you want your kids to live there? #BadNeighbors @StopFoolingCa

Kids in Wilmington play in the shadow of #oilwells & have the asthma rates to prove it. #BadNeighbors @StopFoolingCa

In Wilmington, kids play sports next to oil drills with their asthma inhalers. #BadNeighbors @StopFoolingCa

These kids shoulder the health impacts of #oildrilling & #bigoil takes home the profit. #BadNeighbors @StopFoolingCa

Cancer risk from #airpollution is 60% higher in Wilmington than the rest of SoCal. #BadNeighbors @StopFoolingCa

The Lawsuit

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Oil companies often have more civil rights than humans do. #BadNeighbors @StopFoolingCa

The oil industry was poisoning neighbors & not telling them. These kids fought back. #BadNeighbors @StopFoolingCa

Oil drilling was expanding in LA without environmental review. These kids said no more. #BadNeighbors @StopFoolingCa

Let me share a little story about very #BadNeighbors and the power of community organizers. @StopFoolingCa

Drilling sites in South LA are 300 feet closer to homes than in West LA. #BadNeighbors @StopFoolingCa

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