Beat the driver fatigue- Ways to stay awake

Warning signs:

There are some warning signs, which indicate the need to pull over and development of the driver fatigue. The symptoms start with difficulty in concentrating on the road, which leads to frequent blinking and closing of eyelids involuntarily. There might also be distracted thoughts, which will lead to missing the direction or the memory of the past few minutes of travel. The head might also feel very heavy and lead to lolling to the sides, which will lead to misalignment while driving. The symptoms could worsen to the extent of drifting from the lane that you are driving in and feeling highly restless. The warning signs need not result in actual sleep to become fatal and dangerous, even a little drowsiness could have higher impact. The reflexes are generally extremely weak while driving in the drowsy state which leads to these disasters.

Preparing for the drive:

While there are revolutionary devices like Stop Sleep, which can help in beating driver fatigue during the drive, it is better to address it by the simplest solution- Sleep. There are some very simple solutions to achieve the optimum sleep levels and prepare for a long drive. You can start with getting a good full night’s sleep before the start of the journey. Make sure that the entire travel hours or drive hours does not exceed more than eight to ten hours per day. Avoid consuming alcohol before the drive because even a small amount of alcohol in your system might contribute dramatically to increasing your fatigue. Do not plan for travel at the time when you usually sleep which is generally during 12 pm and 6 am because of the body’s biological rhythm to classify this as sleep time. Plan to also take a small pre-drive nap before starting the road trip.

During the Drive:

Make sure that throughout the long drive, you take adequate and regular breaks like once in two hours. It is always advisable to plan a trip with a buddy and to share the driving responsibilities with co-passenger to avoid the strain on a single driver. Stopin a safe location to take a power-nap of at least 15 minutes if you feel your conscience slipping. You might also feel groggy for the next 20 minutes after the power nap, so prepare for a slow drive. Don’t try to rush by driving at high speeds, which causes mental strain and fatigue. Try to intake caffeine in intervals, which will help improve the alertness but might wear off after several hours.

Using StopSleep:

StopSleep is a revolutionary device which when worn over the two fingers while driving gives warning signals of impending fatigue. The device, which works on galvanic skin conductivity, which is monitoring with 8 measuring sensors, helps in producing alarms depending on the fatigue levels. The signals are for attention (only vibration): which is to warn of the approaching fatigue and danger (vibration with loud alert): which is warn of high risk of falling sleep and to take adequate rest.

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