Driver Fatigue Detection System On Vehicles

A fatigued driver is likely to cause accidents on the roads. There are many causes of fatigue in drivers, driving for long hours, driving without getting enough sleep, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol or medication. There are ways that one can detect drowsiness using technology, and this has greatly helped in reducing and preventing accidents that are caused by drowsiness.


Different technologies can detect driver drowsiness; these technologies monitor the following: steering pattern, drivers face and eye, physiological and the position of the vehicle on the lane.

Steering pattern uses the steering input on theelectricsteering system. Drivers face, and eye detection has abuilt-incamera that watch the driver’s face and eyes. Physiological, this requires somebody sensors that measure different parameters in the brain, the skin conductance, heart rate and muscle activity. The position of the vehicle requires cameras that monitor the lanes the vehicle uses.


Modern motor vehicles have gadgets installed in them so as to alert drivers while driving to the danger of being fatigue and driving.

- Audi has a system for rest recommendation installed in it.

- Ford has a driver’s alert system.

- Volvo has a system for drivers called drivers alertcontrol; it assesses the cars movement whether it’s being driven controllably or uncontrollably.

- Bosch has a system for drowsiness detection.

- BMW has a system for driver’s assistance thatanalyzes the driver’s behavior while driving.

- Mazda has a system that warns the drivers when they depart fromtheir lanes.

- Mercedes-Benz has a system called attention assist this monitors driver’s fatigue and drowsiness levels this is based on the drivers driving inputs.

- Volkswagen has a system for fatigue detection.

- Subaru has a system that assists driver’s eyesight.

- Nissan has an alert for driver’s attention.

There are also Bluetooth sets that can detect any signs of drowsiness this is through the head and eyes movement motion. Alertsare sent to the driver, and they are a result of acombination of sound, vibration and light.


The people at risk of being fatigue and sleep while driving are the young people, men, adults who have children, shift workers, alcoholics and people with disorders.Drowsy driving can result in crashes that cause high economic and personal costs, some have resulted in drivers getting long term jail sentences and a lot of millions lost as settlements that have been awarded some to families or victims of the crash being a result of lawsuits that are filed against drivers.

Accidents that are related to drowsinessare often taking place at night. They take place on high-speed roads on highways so getting a good night sleep is crucial before you hit the road. People who do not sleep for 8 hours or more are likely to cause accidents than those who slept for 8 hours and above, they increase the chances of being fatigue and getting drowsy.

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