Why go for a sleep alert device while driving?

Stop Falling Asleep While Driving

It’s often a norm that human feel the esthetics of life. It’s what separates us from machines, don’t they? The feeling of drowsiness, tiredness is what happens generally after a long day under your belt. And the need to drive back to your home often feels stressful for most parts.

Who wouldn’t love to be back home after working all day long, who wouldn’t want to have the supper among their family all together? But driving home with a worn-out feel from the tasks rendered to you, can cause you problems. Human body needs adequate rest. We can’t go on a full gung-ho mode. In absence of such ample rest, the driving back home can look like a long journey ahead.

So how could one stay away from the tiredness and drowsiness? That’s not going to be naturally possible, but what if we could get alerted before we snap-off into sleep mode while driving? What if there were some sort of accompanying thing to keep us awake and monitor our health the whole time round during drive periods?

Look no further, your wishes are fulfilled. There is a driver sleep alert device that does just that. The ‘StopSleep’ device has proven to be a ground-breaking technology that prevents you from retreating into your cocoon while driving. We here shall outline why you need a driver sleep alert device. Don’t shy away. Read on.

• Prevent the drowsiness

- This ‘StopSleep’ device continually detects the motions of your body and senses when you start feeling drowsy. It uses the skin conductivity analysis to alert you on the poor concentration level through 8 known sensors.

• Prevent from micro-sleeping

- Micro-sleep is termed as the period of temporary unconscious sleep for about 30–60 seconds where one fails to respond.

- Picture this, a car going on 80 miles an hour would travel about 35 meter per second. Even if you doze off for just about 30 seconds, you’d travel 1072 meters without responding. That’s a long period for any fatal hazard to occur. How would you prevent them? Easy, just put on ‘StopSleep’ and you’re good to go. It will help you out against going into micro-sleeping.

• Pre-warning

- One thing a tired driver overestimated about himself is their driving capabilities. Often you don’t get the sense of feeling tired, drowsy until you doze-off completely into unconscious mode.

- This ‘StopSleep’ device works on electrodermal activity analysis to pre warn you against retreating to your shells. With vibration and audible tone for different levels of warning as attention and danger level, this device warns against the perils 2–5 minutes before.

- With the pre-warning your way, you could resurrect yourself or even stop by the side and look to revive yourself.

• Easy application and portability

- With such benefits raving its way, it we state further that the device is easy to use and portable, how ecstatic would you feel?

- With a mere 40 grams weight, this device is worn on two fingers of your hand. Just put it on and press the power button, the magic starts to unveil right there.

- It’s one time charge lasts 15 hours of usage, that plenty of time to accompany on your driving journey.

With ‘StopSleep’ with you to accompany, you won’t have to fear the driving anymore. It ensures driver safety like never before.

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