During this hot season when the summer is just around the corner. Every rational PoWinvestor is trying to create ideal conditions for the mining devices. This is addressed to everyone who believes in Proof of Work, and even for those who are actively involved in Proof of Stake, staking process.

Sadly there is not really a valuable product that serves as a consequence of utilization of Proof of Work algorithm. Biggest players like Bitcoin and Ethereum are proving it with the current issues, while other algorithms are developing and people shift from the inefficient, energy consuming processes of…

Bitcoin and other Proof of Work algorithm based cryptocurrencies are continuously growing, and every day more people are purchasing the equipment to mine them.

While the Ethereum core team recently designed a new efficient Proof of Stake algorithm and has decided to slowly progress towards that, Bitcoin remains stagnant, showing no signs of updates or improvements related to mining.

There is no shortage of alternative PoW coins that can be mined on a GPU. Miners are constantly switching from coin to coin looking for the best ROI. …

Welcome to the market of opportunities, where Bitcoin is not a big thing anymore.

While prices were surging the new tops, reaching the barriers of 20.000$, we dug into the problems behind Bitcoin and guess what we found?
1) Scalability — Bitcoin is literally too slow to become a trusted payment system.
2) Price of transaction: not so user friendly even if you are a big fan of Bitcoin.
3) Sustainability — the whole network seems to consume more electricity than the whole country of Switzerland (pop: 8.3mln).

On December of 2017 exposure of Bitcoin began creating more and more…

As the booming crypto market gets more and more attention.

We all know that most popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are based on Proof of Work (POW) algorithm. But what about other altcoins out there with more alternative mining methods, which would make sense for you.

Let’s jump to Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Proof of Capacity terms and see what other mining methods you can find, keep in mind that all Bitcoin miners consumes more electricity than Romania.

POW Proof of Work

This is the basic algorithm, that requires computing power from a computer connected to…


New generation storage mining.

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