Envisioning a Future and the Making of Waves

Not long ago, I was by the seaside in Sweden looking at the beautiful horizon. The horizon stretched from east to west forming a perfect harmony between the ocean and sky.

When I looked more closely, I noticed that the steady and calm ocean was made up by thousands of waves. And when I looked at each wave, I saw massive power and disruption.

For Skarpline, we’ve had our minds focused on the horizon for quite some time. Each day, we’ve diligently taken one step closer to our mission to create the next-generation Visual Messaging Platform.

And today, we’re making waves.

Internet of Things is an area that a lot of people are talking about. It’s the horizon to a lot of people. By 2020, we’ll globally have around 50 billion connected devices. We need open and ubiquitous platforms, which makes communication and collaboration to both people and devices easier and better.

Today, we’re taking a swing at it. With a sledgehammer.

Originally published at skarpline.com on February 19, 2016.