EosStore Weekly Report(7.23–7.29)

Hi, EOSers,

Recently, EosStore is giving full support for DApp mainly by organizing weekly technology salons and technical trainings, and by launching development kit. We welcome developers with good projects to communicate with us.

EosStore Weekly Report is as follows:

  1. Attending EOS Family Day in Shanghai
  2. Adding action-blacklist=eosio::seccode to our blacklist and notifying other BPs in time
  3. Fullnode updating to eosmainnet 1.1.1 and delating action-blacklist. The version 1.1.1 has fixed the bug of setcode and ungraded other functions such as self- cancelling of deferred transactions, stalled producer plugin and BNet plugin safety. For more info about eosmainnet 1.1.1, click the link below: https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/releases/tag/v1.1.1
  4. Attending EOS BP meetings on Thursday. Video record: https://youtu.be/NjhR27lAiO4
  5. Meeting with DApp developers to give financial and technical support for more good DApp projects.
  6. Mainnet data backup of EosStore: https://github.com/eosstore/eosstore-backup
  7. BigONE has lauched “EOS Block Producer ON CHAIN Vote”. Please vote for us(eosstorebest) via BigONE

Have a good day!

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