In EOS, What Changes Need To Call A Referendum?

There are 10 hot debate topics on EOS constitution in Chinese community, one of which is the referendum scope. In order to collect thoughts and ideas about it from the community, an online meeting was held last month. Following are the good points on referendum scope from the Chinese community.

What changes in EOS need to call a referendum?

A: EOS has common changes and major ones that need to be made after a referendum. It need to be clarified what belongs to major changes.

B: According to BTS community practices, major changes are always those basic ones like parameter changes. In EOS, RAM absolutely belongs to major changes as it is fundamental for the whole system, thus it requires a referendum.

C: All changes in EOS could be divided into two categories: ones that do harm to the constitution, the basis of EOS. They conflict with the EOS constitution but do represent willings of community members; others are disputes which need to be defined by the community.

D:I hope we can have two kind of referendum. One focuses on the governance which could be initiated by common EOS token holders; The other is about new code of EOS system which means our token holders only have the veto power.

How to call a referendum?

E: A new proposal with 2/3+1 BPs approved to be implemented in future need to spare time for the whole community to discuss it. It could be implemented as schedule if the community agree with it. As long as a community member puts forward a new proposal and collects enough supports to veto the previous proposal.

F: We can learn from BTS communities that each token holder could call for a referendum as long as his or her proposal wins enough supports. That means the initiator need to gain supporting votes from whales to trigger the referendum.

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