Not All Heroes are Humans

The original outline of the story. The second part of the outline is at the bottom. Read to know how much has actually changed.

There once was a village named “Saviour”

It’s a story that goes back 200 years. With years, the name of the village has been changed. Now nobody knows about the village except for the people who visit the local library and the librarian decides to tell the story of village. So mostly nobody goes to the local library and the ones who do avoid getting into any type of conversation with the old man at the front desk. They get the books from his son and leave as quickly as possible even though the son does not tell stories of any sort but people avoid him because of his dad.

So who better to tell the story of this village than the old man himself. Let’s start with his name “Jake Guest” . The old librarian of the local library of the village. He has been the longest serving librarian of the village. Even though, he rarely reads because his eye sight has gone from terrible to worse. But he did read and listen to lots of stories during his young days and would be found in the library almost all the time.

One day, when the old man while he was young was reading through a book. He found out about a village near by to there own. While reading the book, he found out about the name of the village had been changed from “Saviour” to something much boring. He was confused why they had changed the name of the village thus ended up reading the whole book on one sitting hoping he would get answer to his question but much to its disappointment, the book told a different story than what he expected it to be.

He ran home with the book with the permission of then librarian. Holding the book to his chest as it was heavier than he thought. He knew a man who could give him the answer to his question. It was his GrandFather.

Jake reached home exhausted after running down streets with this heavy book on his chest.

As when he returned, his mother warned him not to disturb grand pa as he was taking a nap. His mother knew, he was going up to talk to grand pa as this was not the first time he had come home running from the library with a book and questions in his little brain that he needed answers to.

Jake waited quietly downstairs till he could hear his grand pa stick hitting the floor and by that noise, he knew his grand father was awake. He ran up with his book to his grand pa’s room. His grand pa was sitting on his bed, cleaning his glasses before he wore them and greeted Jake graciously

Hi Jake, what do you have for me today? Grand Pa asked as he saw Jake with the heaviest book he had ever seen in his hands.

Something interesting that is been irritating me; Jake said

Did you not understand any part of the book? Asked Grand Pa

Just a little line grand pa, that caught my attention and seemed interesting than the whole entire book; Jake replied as he handed him over the tablets and a glass of water.

Jake waited as his grand pa swallowed the tablets and gulped the water in.

Then they must be have explained it as you read further along in the book, son; said grand pa after being done with his tablet duties.

I thought so too, grand pa; Jake said before adding “so only I read the whole book hoping to find the answer but I did not” said the disappointed Jake.

Hmm. Interesting; said grand pa and added “tell me about it”

There is a village to the 50kms to our east. It’s name has been changed from saviour to something much worse; was saying Jake before he was interrupted by grand pa’s smile.

You know about this don’t you? Questioned Jake

Yes I do, son; Replied Grand Pa

Please tell me more about it; Jake Requested

Where do I start from? Murmured the old man to himself.

Wait, I know where to start form; He said

Jake silently waited for his grand pa to begin. He had seen this before, his grand pa being confused with where to start from.

This is one of the more interesting stories I am going to tell you son; Grand Pa said

There was a time when it was called something else before it was named “Saviour”. But many people only remember saviour for a reason that it has a greater value and story to it. And they changed its name again to something else which is much worse which I believe is true; said grand pa as began telling the story.

There was a time, when a old lady lived in that village. Alone with her dog. Not so alone. The dog was cutest creature ever. Everybody cuddled and wanted to play with the dog. They came down to the park every evening for a walk. And then is when every one cuddled the dog and wanted to play with it. Park was a place where the elders walked, kids played and woman talked. All were working on something or the other.

Everything was fine for the first few years. The old lady, her dog and the villagers. Then the old lady died in her home of cardiac arrest and people got concerned when they had not seen her for a few days and her dog. Mostly, her dog. Because it was the cutest creature ever.

The neighbours informed the local police authority. Who came to check in on the old lady. They broke their way into her home just to find her dead in her library room sitting on reading chair next to the reading table. Dog was starving to death. It had become thin in two days without food. They sent the dog over to veterinary place where it was taken care of and the police further checked on the other rooms before sending the body for post mortem. The post mortem revealed she had died of cardiac arrest.

The dog was give a new home with a young good looking and muscular police man. Mothers loved him and so did they their daughters. He brought the dog to park whenever he could. Young ladies came to see the dog but mostly him. Most of them wanted to get laid with him. None wanted a relationship and so they taught cuddling the dog could lead them to living their fantasy.

As time passed, many had there wishes come true. Until he fell in love with one of them and decided to marry her.

During this time, the dog had started acting differently. Every time he took it outside, it barked continually and so none wanted to come near it. He was frustrated with his dog. So he decided to take the dog to a near by beach as he did not want to disturb the people in the park. But the barking did not stop and this time he noticed something different with the dog. It barked looking towards the ocean. It looked at ocean and then at him. Every two minutes or so, it would do the same. He sat down with his dog on the sea shore and looked at the sea in front with his dog by his side. Every time his dog saw at him, he could sense fear in its eyes and could feel it was something to do with the sea.

He took his dog home. Collected the news papers of the last two months from his office where they were collected. And started going through each one of them carefully. Until he found in one of the newspapers about the calamity that was approaching there country in the form of earthquakes or tsunami. The article was so small that rarely anybody noticed and much more believe in it.

He looked at his dog and knew why it was barking so loud and so much these past days. He had a feeling that dogs could sense a natural disaster approaching much before it would happen for real. Not that, it was the only dog in the locality. There were many other dogs too and they were barking too but none could care to notice the real reason behind there barking and the young man believed he knew why.

He told his fiancé about what he believed was approaching them and she bust out laughing as she could not believe her to be husband had made a great story out of barking of his dog. But soon, he showed her the news article that said the same and that made her believe him a little even though she still had her share of doubts.

He approached the rest of the inspectors with his research and requesting them to take immediate action and ask the villagers to evacuate the village as soon as possible. Much like his fiancé, his colleagues burst out laughing before he showed them his research and made two of his colleagues believe him while the rest still not satisfied but they decided to go along with the plan and asked the villagers to evacuate and requested them to move away from ocean and move towards places of higher altitudes.

Concerned for the citizens of the near by villages. They informed there officers too and requested them to evacuate there villages. But most of them laughed and cut the call to continue their laughing.

The only village that was evacuated was “Saviour” while rest decided to stay. The villagers with there important belongings to a higher altitude place.

Much to the dismay of other Villages. Tsunami showed up and as soon as they wanted to run out and evacuate the place. Thousands lost their lives and many more were injured. The officers once laughing were fighting their own tears while helping others evacuate.

While the villagers of “Saviour” were past the safe zone. And all were safe with smiles on there faces. It was hard at first for them to believe too as none of the other villagers were evacuating. But they believed in there officers and went along with the orders given and saved there own lives along with there family members.

They credited the young police man for saving life of theirs and there family. But the credit was due where it was. It was with the “Saviour” The dog. Even though it could not save it’s original owner. It did good enough to save the lives of people who cuddled him in the park. And thanks to the man who believed in the dog and took action.

The people came back to the village. Re-built there houses and changed the name of village into “Saviour” and started living again happier than ever.

Young Police man got married upon returning to the village and the “saviour”

“Saviour” the dog started receiving more cuddles than ever.

As the grand pa completed the story. The little Jake was listening awestruck to the story.

At the end, Grand Pa told little Jake something that he remembers till today

And it goes like this

“Not all stories need human to be heroes”

Jake Guest ended up later moving into the “Saviour” village just for its fascinating story and became the librarian of the village and continued reading stories and telling stories.

These are the papers that tell how I originally outlined this story to be but I ended up changing it so much. It was written a few months back and a lot happened between these months and I ended up outlining a lot of short stories that I will soon start sharing. It is may way approaching stories. Tell me yours, would love to know. And that’s my handwriting and it sucks. I know. Hope you read it anyway.

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