Erol Ozcelik | IND 481: Ethnography&Culture in Design | The City Story

Last week I visited a portrait gallery in London where I saw photos of countless people on the wall, and with each portrait was a small blurb about the person photographed. Reading each one and seeing where the person in context of the summary meant a lot to me. From the small brother and sister who were taken a photo of in front of a run down wall with disembodied body parts to the flea market man who’s attire made some of us smile, each person was an individual with a story to tell.

The City Story made me think of these stories, stories that a community or a handful of people know in a city. These stories getting shared whether it is for pleasure or for information for someone who just moved into a town can gain an attachment that he/she may have not had before.

Personally, since I am currently researching sections of London, to dig deep into people’s hopes and fears I hope to gain their trust to be able to tell stories such as these. Stories that can bring forth the character just like those photos did to me in the gallery.


Outside of the website, this was a great insight of a person who went from Kickstarter to the real world and the development they went through from the moment they started to the moment they are at now. Though at a designer’s point of view there are things I would reconsider about such as the interactivity of the website and map it is completely understandable from the point of view of the budget limitations. It also opened my eyes about how I can reconsider they way I write a persona to create a more humanistic point of view rather than robotic.