Black lives matter

Yea I said it.

What is the matter?

All lives matter?

Blue lives matter?

I’m black and I’m proud

Yes I am glad

Everyday it’s a new story

The white man basking in glory

My brothers and sisters killed

Out there in plain field

Is it because I’m black?

Why all I ask is why?

With the tears down my face while I cry

Families hurting from these deaths

And you wonder why I fret

Is it because I’m black?

I’m black

I do not lack

Why should I be treated any less?

Any less than the rest

Is it because I’m black?

Stop please stop

I’m screaming from the rooftop

Is it because I’m black?

We beg for peace

This I ask of you please

But you don’t listen

You don’t have a voice of reason

Is it because I’m black?

So is my skin color

A reason you can’t protect my honor?

I’m black

Our lives matter

And there is no turning back

So let’s not continue this any further.

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