A Crystal Cocktail for Childhood Trauma

This combination of Crystals is great for shifting childhood experiences that are still hanging around.., having unwanted impact in your life!

The Crystals are: Orange Calcite, Nuummite, and Selenite

Here is why this combination is so potent: 
Orange Calcite has a very playful uplifting energy. It connects you with your Reproductive Energy Center (2nd Chakra). Pleasure and creativity. It also helps activate childhood memories that are ready to be released and reframed. You see, as we reach young adulthood we begin to see the experiences in our lives as lessons. We may not always enjoy them.., but we understand them. We see how they help to serve, influence and shape us. But when we are kids, we have not developed these skills yet. So these experiences become embedded as beliefs, attitudes and even shape our coping mechanisms. While working with Orange Calcite you have the opportunity to reframe them and see them for what they offer for the journey of this lifetime. It does not take them away.. it helps you to integrate them in a new way… for your highest good.

Nuummite is surprisingly a Solar Plexus Energy Center Stone (3rd Chakra) that also supports the development of your intuition. The reason this is such a great ally in this combination is it also carries the energies of the Universe or galaxy. The Solar Plexus is where we hold and host our full-range of emotions. In this case the Nuummite is may work to soothe the emotions, but its real gift in this Crystal Cocktail is to help lift you energetically to a perspective that is outside yourself… the 10,000 ft level so to speak. We are all children of the Universe.., created from Stardust. We are here for a reason. In this cocktail the Nuummite helps you connect with the spark of life that resides within and has you accept the emotional circumstances of those childhood experiences that are creating limitations or blocks for you. It helps offer new perspectives for moving toward your current dreams.

Selenite is of course a clearing, cleansing workhorse crystal! It can help to lift and clear any of the unwanted, un-needed, un-necessary energetic vibrations that are no longer needed as a result of brining these childhood events and traumas to the surface for healing. These have been held within the physical and emotional bodies for a long time… a good cleaning will help make this harder to settle back in to old patterns or beliefs.

Here is one way you might consider working with this particular Crystal Cocktail!

Recline slightly in a comfortable position. Recline enough that you can place the Nuummite at the top of your Solar Plexus or bottom/center of your ribcage. Hold the Orange Calcite in your left hand… as this is your hand for receiving. Hold the Selenite with your right hand, as this is your hand for giving or in this case releasing.

First — stay calm and focus on the Nuummite (http://themagicofcrystals.com/#/nuummite). Allow your thoughts to wander and float. When you feel relaxed and present. Invite the energies of any childhood experiences or traumas that are ready to be reframed and then released to present themselves. Mind you…, this does not mean you have to remember or relive these experiences. You are tapping into the residual energies of these events.

When you begin to feel shifts and changes in your emotional comfort… begin waving the Orange Calcite (left hand) up and down the center of your body, maybe 6 to 12" above. Just enough movement where it is comfortable. You and the Orange Calcite (http://themagicofcrystals.com/#/orange-calcite) are engaging, aligning, and centering these emotions with the other Energy Centers or Chakras. Continue to gentle wave or move the Orange Calcite. You will begin to feel a shift in the emotions you are experiencing. The most likely awareness that you will have is that you are ‘Observing’ the you that had that experience… Emotionally it begins to shift your emotions toward compassion and acceptance to the younger you that did not have the abilities or skills to process these energies in any other way. Don’t be surprised if there are tears… Tears are the bodies BEST way to release emotional energies!

When you reach this point of compassion for SELF… begin to move the Selenite (http://themagicofcrystals.com/#/selenite) in your right hand. Allow it to move any way it wants too. You may find yourself drawn to a particular area for awhile. If this happens… move the Selenite in a spiral above this area. It will help to draw up the energies and release them from your energetic body. The good news is Selenite actually dispurses and breaks down these unwanted, no longer aligned energies. There is nothing else to be done with them. Continue as long as it feels good. Continue until you come back to center and have a strong connection with the present moment. Then you’re complete. If you find yourself getting bored… this is a good sign you completed this and are now over ‘cooking” :-) This happens for people who have an old belief that this kind of healing takes a long time or required multiple sessions. If I were you… I would release that too!

Crystals are simple tools which offer effortless results.

(ps… this is not intended as medical advice. If you are looking for a cure, treatment or diagnosis of a disease or ailment, please consult your doctor or a qualified medical professional!)

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