If everything is spiritual…
Jonas Ellison

I like this piece for many reasons, but the one thing that stands out for me is the internal dialog and emotional fluctuation over whether to push ‘post’ on something you’ve written.

For me.., that is the work of spirituality.

I have always imagined spirituality to mean going within to find our connection with and to All-That-Is. For me that means quieting down the noise of the mind and other people’s voices that live in my head, to find my own truth.

To uncover limiting beliefs, outdated stories and faulty motivations that prevent me from feeling that connection. Connection that comes from a place so deep inside ourselves that it intrigues us and draws us nearer and nearer to our natural essence every time we experience it.

Your story and the willingness to share the inner dialog and what you are learning is a roadmap for all of us to use as we navigate and do our own spiritual work. It is a great example of allowing everyday situations to inspire us to go deeper.


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