My Advice for First-Time Entrepreneurs
Gary Vaynerchuk

I really appreciate your post. I am a first-time entrepreneur, with out even realizing it. I started my business 7 years ago. In the first couple of years it was A LOT OF WORK… A lot of hours. Many of them figuring out things I didn’t even know would be part of running a business.

I loved almost all of it though. I didn’t mind the investment of time, because I was building a dream. I was learning everyday. They were exciting times.

Yet, there was a point when I finally looked up and many of the people I knew were no longer there. They were gone because I was so consumed with this business, I had nothing left to give, feed, or nurture anything or anyone beyond my significant other!

And to another one of your points. 7 years into it, I still don’t have the financial cushion I need to not be stressed out!

I just had the thought the other night… I really need and want to develop a healthy reserve for those valleys that occur! It needs to become just as important as paying the bills. Because that reserve represents my piece of mind. It is tiring living on the edge all the time. But the reason I live on the edge is because this business means something to me. I want it to not only survive, I want it to thrive!

All of this is to say.., thanks. Your article feels so accurate and confirms what I have experienced.., and the direction I need to go in. Great insights!

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