My Crystal is Broken. Now what do I do?

We have all had that experience where our favorite Crystal gets dropped or broken. Many times they’ve held a very specific purpose, memory or intention for us. It can feel as if a we have lost, injured or destroyed a friend, even when we are unsure of how the damage occurred.

The big question is “What do I do with my Crystal now?”

Here’s my personal take on it. If you are going to have, work with, or use Crystals as part of your Spiritual toolkit; you should expect that some will get lost, damaged or broken.

It is easy to create a bond and a connection with these friends from the Mineral Kingdom. We are drawn to their beauty, strength, colors and properties. Many we choose because of a particular intention. At other times it seems as if the Crystals chooses us.

Either way we’ve created an alignment or energetic bond the Crystal. The key here is that it is a two-way connection. The Crystal is just as aligned with you as you are with it. So frequently when a Crystal gets damaged, it is because it is working on your behalf!

Consider these scenarios.

During times of transformation: Often when we are going through personal transformation the energies of the change can be intense or uncomfortable. A Crystal that is aligned with you will assist during this time. One way for them to do this is by taking on the intense energies of transformation on your behalf. Altering their shape or form is one way they do this.

Durning times of completion: When we have actively been working to release or heal an injury, pattern, relationship or situation from that no longer serves us, it is not uncommon for a Crystal to offer itself as a touchstone for the closure or completion. Sometimes, to the point of complete destruction.

During times of loss: Grief can be intense and there are many ways we grieve. The most common situation we think of when we hear the word grief, is when death occurs. However, we also grieve the loss of friendships/ relationships, jobs, homes, and much more. Many of us are uncomfortable with grief, because it is not just one emotion. It always encompasses many emotions, which frequently creates the sensations of ‘ups and downs’. Crystals will frequently taken on the energies of these emotions as our surrogates. They willingly sacrifice their form as a way to assist and absorb the energies of loss or grief.

During times of perfection: It is easy for many of us to demand perfection from ourselves and/or others. It becomes one of the ways we attempt to control outcomes or manage perceptions. When caught in the energie of perfection, it is easy to loose sight of what is important. A pristine Crystal will often give up its “perfect” form as a way to trigger our awareness of the futile nature of perfectionism or the illusion of “control”.

These are just a few of the scenarios that might trigger a Crystal to break or get damaged. Crystals have their own journey too. So when a Crystal gives up its shape or form, it may be their way of signaling that their particular work or focus is done… at least for now. Because lets face it, each Crystal has its own personality. This is just as true in it’s new shape or form!

But what do you do with your broken Crystal?

If it is broken in two or more pieces. Hold each piece separately. Frequently one 0r more of the pieces will feel more energetic than the other(s). It may even feel similar to how the Crystal felt before it was broken. If this is the case, consider keeping just those pieces. Allow any piece that does not feel ‘alive’, to go. Set it free. I put those pieces in my garden. I consider it a ‘return’ to nature. The Crystal going home to the Mineral Kingdom.

If it is a larger piece that feels complete or done, consider burying it. Otherwise, with small pieces just get them into an area where the earth is exposed or release them in a body of water. Thank them for the gifts they brought to your life… then let them go.

For any piece you keep, feel free to alter it by polishing, recutting, mounting or perhaps even using it in an art piece or project. You can glue some pieces back together, if that feels right for you. A glued piece will often feel different that it did before it needed the repair. We humans are the same way. We get implants, pins and permanent adjustments too! Just like a Crystal, we frequently feel different when we have been ‘modified’ or glued back together. This not a better or worse, it is different.

For any pieces that you keep, now is the ideal time to set new intentions with and for this Crystal. For it, your previous intention is complete.

If it has been lost, remember the Crystal is on its own journey! It was here long before we arrived and will be here long after we’re gone. Know that it was with you for as long as you needed each other. Sometimes it disappears as a way to create a portal for you to access emotions that you are holding on to or resisiting.

If the Crytal reappears.., trust and celebrate that it was off having its own adventure!

If it is chipped or scarred I consider it a Warrior Crystal! Like you and I, these Crystals have gone into Spiritual battle, uncomfortable situations or unknown territory. Just like us, they wear their experience with pride and honor. Initially, it may feel ‘damaged’ to you. However the longer you admire its fortitude and resilience, the more likley you are to end up appreciating and enjoying it more! These are also the Crystals that often help us set down unrealistic ideas of perfection. They do this by modeling their imperfections with such beauty.

All of this is to say there will be casulties when working with Crystals. The important thing to keep in mind, even if you feel “responsible” for breaking the crystal, is that there are no accidents. The last thing a Crystal would want is for you to take on shame, blame or guilt on their behalf. Feel the emotions that come up, yet know that the Crystal is absolutely fine and quite content to return to its natural home… or to begin the next, new adventure with its new shape and personality!