On spiritual language
Jonas Ellison

This resistance showed me that I had work to do. It took some time to let go of the limiting thought-forms that had glommed onto those words,

Okay…, so I might have some of my own work to do!

I have written a spiritual blog post every week for the past 7+ years. It is a cathartic process for staying aware of where I am in my own process. These weekly musings are shared in a newsletter that’s main purpose is to inform clients of upcoming workshops, seminars, meditations and events that my business hosts. All spiritual or personal growth in nature.

When I write, I find that at times using the word God is a better fit in the sentence I am writing… but realize that it makes me uncomfortable. I am usually not concerned that it might make someone else uncomfortable.

I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home but realized pretty early on that I could not relate to that version of God. I like Christ’s teachings, but not the way they are used/interpreted by a good portion of the religions that are based on his work.

As a kid, I had no idea that there were hundreds (if not thousands) of versions of Christianity. With my limited exposure, I assumed all Christian churches were fear based. That they were all used to intimidate and control their followers into certain behaviors with the threat of judgement. Not just exclusion from the really cool place.., but punishment and torture for the remainder of eternity. At least for those who did not tow the line.

Even when I was very young, I knew I would never be able to relate to this God in this way.

I have family, friends and clients who find solace and guidance using Christianity and Christ’s teachings as a way to navigate their spiritual journey.

I also realize that we live in a time in which those who use their version of Christianity to create fear, separation and control are the ones who are most vocal and whose message is most commonly heard on the airwaves.

Yet there are many more who know that this is distorted and dangerous. That this type of rhetoric does not represent the loving and nurturing relationship they (and probably the majority) have with Christ.

I still am not drawn to, nor identify with Christianity personally. However, like all other religions, it works for many people.

But what your article really brought home for me on a personal level is that my biggest fear for using words like God, Jesus or Christ is that someone reading what I have written will assume that I am referencing the version of God (or one of the many Christian religions) that sits in judgement over our lives.

I started this response off by saying I might have some of my own work to do. I now realize, by thinking (and writing) about this, that I am holding on to some judgment about a religion that I have distanced myself from because of judgement!

I had not been in touch with that, prior to your inquiry. Thanks