Yes, you’re a racist… and a traitor.
John E. Price

I completely agree about the usage of the “Confederate Flag”, but I do think that there is one misconception worth mentioning: the “Civil War”.

That war has mistakenly (in my opinion) been called a Civil War for a long time. It was actually (again, in my opinion) a War of Secession. A civil war consists of two (or maybe more) factions fighting for control of the existing government, whereas this war was fought, on the side of the Confederate States, not to overthrow the existing government and take control, but rather to break away and form a separate self-governing country and, on the side of the Union, to prevent that from happening. (I’m not justifying anything, just presenting a different viewpoint).

I see no difference between the War of Secession and the Revolutionary War, with the Confederacy/Colonists and the Union/England, except that the secession on the part of the Confederacy failed.

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