Cross-platform narratives for kids

Our 2015 event round-up post mentioned a collaboration with the Asian Festival For Children’s Content (AFCC) in May this year. We thought it might not come natural why children’s content is relevant in the transmedia and interactive storytelling space. Hence, here a little introduction to get you excited about the upcoming 2016 meetups and the festival.

There is also a festival ticket discount offer for StoryCode member as the end. So you might want to read this article all the way :)

First things first. Why children’s content?

At StoryCode Singapore we have been discussing children’s content creations a great deal on many occasions, especially during workshops. We augmented comics with cardboards and prototyped a hands-on story-hacking session that is now being used in schools and community centres. Last year we even visited the Lego Innovations Lab at the Science Centre Singapore where some of you brought your kids to test out the Story-Starter Kit.

The Lego workshop clearly displayed that todays children are native transmedia storytellers, instinctively thinking and perceiving a story as a complex matrix of different narrative layers. A fragmented universe, instead of a linear experience.

When Don Bosco joined our team as co-organizer we wanted to not only increase the sessions with children’s content topics but rather make it a main focus, a constant threat across multiple events at StoryCode Singapore as well as collaborating meetups. Don is a highly successful local writer and passionate about driving initiatives where knowledge sharing and exchange benefit the creator’s community at large. One of these initiatives is the 100 Writers Project.

100 Writers launch meetup in November 2015

Transmedia bridging demographics, content becoming age agnostic

The methodology of transmedia storytelling has been around for a long time. Many of us grew up with story universes like Marvel comics or the never-ending Japanese pop-culture series of mangas and kaijus. We have seen these characters and stories evolve over time, transforming from one medium into the next, adopting to new technology. Where do we draw the line? When is a comic stop being content for kids and becomes an adult story? Aren’t we still immersed in the Godzilla that we loved as a kid?

Last year, we had the rare chance to welcome Jeff Gomez at one of our StoryCode social mixers. As highly accomplished transmedia producer Jeff is building this kind of storyworlds for Hollywood that bridge all age groups. Content franchises that are relevant to children and adults alike. What once was niche content now becomes mainstream culture. In this respect, content that is created under a commercial aspect is always targeted to a younger audience demographic first, regardless of media types.

Jeff looking for a Kamen Rider statue during his visit to Singapore

What is AFCC?

AFCC is an annual festival organised by the Singapore Book Council and held at the National Library. The festival spans across all aspects of children’s content creation to distribution. Also included to the festival are a Teacher Congress, Parents Forum, Writers & Illustrators Conference, Book Fair, several masterclasses and the Cross-Platform Summit.

The latter is very unique within the region and constitutes possibly the first festival focus on transmedia creation in Singapore. Over the past years, the Summit has been pioneering in connecting international transmedia practitioners and academic experts with local writers and content creators. Our co-organizer Marco has been involved in the Summit since 2014, delivering one of last year’s keynotes as well as being part of the pitching panel. Don has also been a regular at the festival. Read a recap from last year here.

AFCC 2015 — speed pitching session

For this year’s AFCC, StoryCode Singapore teamed up with the Book Council to conduct one story-hacking workshop as well as present the first set of our research after collecting local stories created during our workshops over the past two years.

We’re also looking forward to welcome Nataly Rios from the London based production house Transmedia Storyteller at the festival. Natalie will discuss narrative designs for games with augmented reality as well as how connected learning transforms content.

Event details

StoryCode Singapore members offer: 
10% discount off the Early Bird price (S$150) for full-day ticket at Cross-Platform Summit. If you are interested contact us at singapore<at>

StoryCode Singapore sessions:

  1. Cross-Platform Summit: 27. May 2015 4:45–6:15pm 
    Story-hacking: A Journey of Narrative Creation
  2. Teachers Congress: 29. May 2015 1:15–2:15pm 
    StoryCode: Community of Narrative Pioneers