[LAB] Story-Coding: Captain Cardboard

Saturday, March 26, 2016
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
*SCAPE, Level 5, SCAPEmedia Hub
2 Orchard Link #05–05, S237978, Singapore

Stories are meant to be told. Or written down. Or drawn. Or filmed. Or acted. Or conveyed through light and sound displays. Or coded into a package of digital bits. Whatever it takes to get them out to other human beings, so that we can share this experience. So that we can be curious, be amused, be amazed, be together.

Three of the StoryCode Singapore co-organisers (L to R): Don Bosco, Marco Sparmberg, Diogo Cordes Aniceto Martins

Our recent Captain Cardboard comic strip hacking workshop was the first StoryCode Singapore lab event for the year. StoryCoders had a chance to experience the story prototyping and lean digital/social media publishing process, which they can also apply to their own projects.

The session was hosted by the very first Starving Artist Fair, a community event for indie comics creators. The event’s name was inspired by the organisers’ observation that local storymakers are still hungry for new connections, challenges and collaborative opportunities. The fair aims to be a bi-monthly festival of independent comics, illustrations, toys, storymaking talks and workshops. Local artists and creators will also get to sell their original indie comics and related artworks, merchandise and toys.

For the lab session, StoryCoders approached the comic strip hacking challenge in many different creative ways, drawing on their respective professional backgrounds and diverse personal inspirations. Once completed, they had the option of publishing their strip through their own social media channels. Scroll down for some of the creations.

Download this template and create your own Captain Cardboard comics! Remember to tag us.

View the full gallery of Captain Cardboard comic strips, and more event photos:

L to R: Don Bosco, Marco Sparmberg, JF Koh

Meet JF Koh, the main organiser. He leads the Singapore chapter of the 24-Hour Comics Day ( Also, he’s the editor of Panelgraph Showcase (, a quarterly online comics anthology magazine focusing on sci-fi, fantasy, horror and other popular genres.

Photo by Starving Artist Fair

As part of the event, StoryCode Singapore co-organiser Don Bosco gave a Lightning Talk about optimising story concepts so that they can be franchised across different platforms.

Kelly Bender and his original comics creations

This is Kelly Bender, one of Singapore’s few professional comic book creators. He does freelance writing for publishers, and also puts out his own projects. He was promoting his titles STARBURN and SNARL.

Jerome Hinds (left)

Jerome Hinds is President of the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore), and also founder of Nice One Entertainment. He’s a popular figure at comics-related events. He also runs graphic storytelling workshops and showcases in schools, and promotes young local talents. He’s originally from the UK.

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