Spatial design as storytelling tool

Workshop: StoryLINES — The narrative intent of lines in space. Full documentation

On September 13, 2014 StoryCode Singapore teamed up with local artist and designer Lennard Ong to deliver a unique and one-of-a-kind workshop. Participants were able to explore their own imagination moving through space, crafting meaning out of the abstract and intangible.

In two workshops and one talk session, this full day event was launchpad to dozens of personal journeys throughout micro story-universes. Following, the full account of this extraordinary project’s history, all workshop creations and the exhibition involved:


Event organizers:
Lennard Ong
StoryCode Singapore
Workshop instructors:
Lennard Ong (3D)
Krish Raghav (2D)
Marco Sparmberg (storytelling)
Tirthankar Dash
Prof. Ben Shedd
Marco Sparmberg (storytelling)
Venue host:
ION Art gallery