A Great Start to a Phenomenal 365 Days

Today marks the beginning of a cycle for me. A cycle which will lead to a me that in 365 days from now will be faster, stronger, kinder, humbler, more patient, caring, and intelligent.

Today marks the beginning of a transformation from a cocooned caterpillar, held in place by a web of its own spinning, into a butterfly ready to change the weather around the world through the flap of its wings and the beat of its heart that is full with nothing but passion.

What My Day Looked Like:

I woke up an hour later than I had set out to, at 5:30 AM, because I had trouble falling asleep the night before. Then I went out for a run that began at 5:40 and finished at 6:20. I listened to Tony Robbins’s The Ultimate Edge — Disc 1. It turns out it’s a course that cost hundreds of dollars, yet it’s available on SoundCloud for free. Maybe not for much longer…

Then I used Reporter to log my day, showered, and had a 10 minute whiteboard session. After that I meditated for 42 minutes and ate a cheese sandwich. I also found a recipe I would cook in the evening, when I got done with my work.

What I Accomplished:

I started off by making the emails that were important, then I got to working on updating a few websites, fixing a domain issue on another, taking an interview call, setting up a new site, and emailing updates to various contacts.

What Meal I Ended the Day With:

I cooked a quick and easy Vegan Fried Rice meal. In total it took about 2 hours in total because I had to take breaks between the cooking to finish not-as-quick errands.

Room to Improve:

I could have focused on my posture throughout the day better. I also forgot to complete my middle of the day 1–10 minute meditation. When I remembered, I completed the first one minute session at 8 PM.

I succeeded in writing at least one post for my personal blog, but have not yet written one for my business. That is coming after this post is published :)

I also didn’t get as much time to read as I wished. This can be improved tomorrow by cutting out the amount of time I spend on non-important tasks, so that I can finish with my day sooner.


On July 18th, 2018, I will run a 5:25 mile. This previous Thursday I ran a mile in 6:28 (after already having jogged a mile or two which made me tired).

On this date I will also be ten times better at staffing and playing the flute. I will easily be able to write 1,000 words a day. This will happen because I am in control of my destiny and reality, and these goals are small and attainable. They are no match for my capabilities. I will be able to outshine such goals and impress myself with my ability to grow in just one year.

Originally published at storyofoctavian.com.