Day 120 — Life Goes On

Here I am. It’s day 120. I haven’t been running day to day. I want to get back into it.

I’ve been working on applying to more jobs. I also worked on a site today.

I ought to get into writing. That’s a thought… I write at a good pace. I can research at a good pace too. Today I received I response to my response via email to a friend from VA that I met at yoga.

It was so nice. It said that every sentence was warm and golden, and that they could taste my words and happiness, and that they embraced my words and became content. That sounds marvelous and it inspired me to consider writing as more than I have been recently. Years ago I did a lot of freelance writing but I fell out of the swing of that, since it got very dry and repetitive. Instead of quitting it altogether I ought to have gotten into different fields, ones that I enjoy and those golden words can flow.

Based on the fact that my friend wanted to hear about my journeys, I shared this site with them. I don’t think I’ve done that explicitly before. I just figured why would I go about writing the same exact experiences I labor to document day by day, when I could refer them to the source?

My friend happens to be someone I’ve referred to as “C-lady” before so it would be funny if they read those posts of when I met them and all, since it would be a little like reading my diary or something of that sort… I wonder if they would take being referred to as “cabinet lady” the wrong way, or see how nice it is that “C-lady” is a lady which you see to truly see the world. See what I mean?

It’s all a poem, this life, and your life too.

I don’t know what else to write about, regarding my day today. I made some rice and mixed it with peanut butter, and honey. On the second round of it I also added some black sour cherry jam that my mom made. It was possibly the best yet most intense combination I’ve made. It was a filling meal and a dessert all in one.

Tomorrow I have an interview for a web hosting company at 1:30 PM. I ate two melatonins about ten minutes ago to help me fall asleep soon. I aim to wake at 5 AM tomorrow and get everything in order for the interview.

To be continued…

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