Day 201 — I Ran 3 Miles in 22 Minutes 9 Seconds then Ran Another 3 Miles

Today I woke up fairly late, around noon, and felt disheartened. Here I was, having all the time in the world to accomplish whatever I’d like, and I was burdened by apathy. I didn’t really know what I ought to do next.

I went for a 3 miles run, hoping to make it all come together under 21 minutes. For the first two miles I was getting a good pace of around 7 minutes and 10 seconds, but then it fell.

Last night I had been reading The Tao of Running, for two hours before going to bed, and there’s only so much reading of running that I can accomplish before I have to go out for a run. I actually wanted to go last night but it was dark and with the addition of new and powdered snow, not a very good idea.

After about a two minute break, I headed back home and ran a semi-decent pace considering what I had just accomplished prior.

At home I showered and I meditated for 42 minutes. After meditating I cooked dinner with my friend, a new recipe which is like a BLT where the B is replaced with fried eggplant. It was rather delicious!

I intend to wake up at 4:30 AM tomorrow. I watched a few different TED talks today, such as:

After dinner I set up Canadian shipping for ommate’

Then I read a bit, and wrote this, and now I will read Clean Food as well as an article on AI and head to bed.

To be continued…

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