Day 29 — Two Miles in Under 14 Minutes and a Brutal Monday

Today I ran my first mile in 6 minutes 55 seconds, and the second one right after in 7 minutes 1 second. That brings the total to 13 minutes and 56 seconds for two miles, which is really great.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night and was still up around 4.5 hours away from having to wake up. I distinctively remember finally falling asleep but waking up about half an hour or an hour later, with my mind racing as it had continued at full-speed even while I dozed into sleep.

To try to prepare myself for the day I made an extremely powerful blend of tea, with a lot more Yerba Mate and Assam (plant energy and caffeine), then I should have. That ended up with myself violently puking out the side of my car while stopped. Then I still had to puke so I pulled over and did the sensible thing, got out of the car and puked some more.

Before going into work I was clearly a little out of it because I was about to enter the office when I realized I had my flute with me, in my hand. What was I going to need my flute for? I don’t know, I walked back and returned it to the car. Speaking of, in the morning I found my sun-roof had been left open. I distinctively remember cracking the sunroof by having it raise up one or two inches on Saturday and thinking “I should never crack it like this because it’s better to have it fully open and avoid forgetting to close it.” Funny..

The good thing is that a rainstorm happened just a day before I forgot the sunscreen open on Saturday, and then it didn’t rain again until I got into the car this morning.

Before leaving for work I forgot to eat breakfast, or take a bagel with me, which is not the first time this has happened. When I got home I was completely starving and exhausted. Work was not particularly easy either, but it was certainly enjoyable in that it was a challenge.

After getting home and eating I took a nap for about 25 minutes. Then I rested for another 5 minutes, then I added another 5 minutes to the timer. After I a while I got up. I sent out a sample of Ommate tea to a YouTuber in California, and figured out how to print directly to envelopes.

Then I did some reading from Inc. I tried to focus on getting some work done but just can’t at this point in the day. I’m going to complete the rest of my daily rhythms, try to squeeze in some reading, and get some sleep.

Stay tuned!

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