Day 9 — Waking up at 5: 27 AM, Running a 6 Minute and 1 Second Mile, and Succeeding With the Sunrise

Today I did some research to find out why my lower back has been hurting since last fall. I most likely have a compressed lumbar nerve, I’ve been putting off research into this because I didn’t want to know what was wrong.

Running is probably aggravating this issue. Just yesterday I began to think of my back pain as a back discomfort. A pain is an end result, it’s an effect. A discomfort is something that can be changed. If your leg is in pain, it may have been damaged. If it’s in discomfort it may be asleep because you had your weight on it.

With this mindset, running is not going to hurt. Sure it’s going to wear down my body in some way, but so does oxygen and food. I run on the grass when I can. The only times I run on the concrete is when I run a timed mile or when it’s not a good idea to run on uneven grass or hills.

I woke up at 5: 30 AM and ran a mile in six minutes and one second. Before I finished the mile, I had already succeed in my day.

Waking up was really hard. I heard the alarm at 5:15 and abhorred it.

I napped for 10 minutes and then mentally fought against the part of me that wanted to sleep for the next hour and a half.









When I was about to loop back into sleepy thinking, the type that misses out on opportunities of self-improvement and becoming a superman, I sat up in bed, clapped my hands together like Zig Ziglar’s been recommending for the past couple of days and said “Good morning! It’s going to be a great day!” I laughed and was off to my day with that as usual: running, listening to beautiful talks, making tea, making myself lunch for later (a cheese sandwich with some pretzels), meditating, and more.

My jog to my mile start was the first six minutes of this AMAZING talk with background music. Then I paused that track, warmed up, and set off running while listening to the rest of it.

By the middle of my drive to work, in a new position and exciting career I began on Monday, my eyes had already welled up with tears of happiness three times.

By the end of my day I realized that for the past two weeks, maybe even the past month and a half, I have been manifesting nothing for myself but happiness, positivity, and growth. I didn’t understand quite a few coincidences that were funny and positive over the past few weeks, until just an hour or two ago.

You see, even though I was a second over my mile today, which I was shooting for being under six minutes before six AM, I had already won.

I’ve realized on a run last week, or maybe the week before, that I have won my race before I even finish. I always think this every time it is morning and I see the sun rising, and I’m running as hard as I can not knowing if I will get that sub-six mile, just knowing that I’ve already won because I’m not warm and snuggly under the blankets at that same exact moment in time.

So by the time I see the time, time doesn’t matter.

I could have gotten a 12 minute and 59 second mile time today, I would have still won the race to a better me. All it takes to win is a good start.

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