Jesus Was a Vegetarian, Why Aren’t You? — Is Diet Your Master and God?

Thou shalt not kill.

Did God command us not to kill, period?

Was God commanding us in some way that we could interpret for ourselves to mean “Thou shalt not kill humans?”

Why didn’t God write “Thou shalt not kill humans?” then?

I know why.

The monks know why too. Let’s see why, together…

In the book Be Here Now, which is available here, the author shares a Sihk story as seen above and below. Read it once above and once below, twice in total. It’s important that you do.

Thus, once upon a time…
“An aged spiritual master calls his two most devoted disciples to the garden in front of his hut. Gravely, he gives each one a chicken and instructs them, ‘Go to where no one can see, and kill the chicken.’ One of the men immediately goes behind his shed, picks up an ax and chops off his chicken’s head. The other wanders around for hours, and finally returns to his master, the chicken still alive in hand. ‘Well, what happened?’ the teacher asks. The disciple responds, ‘I can’t find a place to kill the chicken where no one can see me. Everywhere I go, the chicken sees.’”
The poem Brach included to follow this story, written by Gary Lawless, says:
When the animals come to us,
 Asking for our help,
 Will we know what they are saying?
 When the plants speak to us
 In their delicate, beautiful language,
 Will we be able to answer them?
 When the planet herself
 Sings to us in our dreams,
 Will we be able to wake ourselves, and act?
Brach states, “When we know that the animals and plants are part of who we are, we can listen and respond. Ignoring the trees is like ignoring our lungs when they are congested and we can’t breathe. Extinction of the songbirds means the end our our living music. When the planet herself calls to us in our dreams, if we are in touch with the truth of our mutual belonging, our hearts naturally stir with care. We remember that the web of life is our home.”

Could you see Jesus sitting down with the body of a decapitated chicken in one hand and a cleaver in the other? Can you see him with a rifle in his hand, steadying his breath as he aims for the vital organ of a deer?

I most certainly can’t.

I can however see desperate man, lazy man, incumbent man, or basic man doing these things. I will show you why meat eating exists today. I will show you some reasons not everyone shares the same diet (deity) as Jesus.

After all, not everyone is awake in Christ consciousness.

Desperate Man Animal Killings

A man is desperate. He is surrounded with nothing but the snow around him. He has a bow for protection. He has a family. They haven’t eaten in two weeks. He is afraid.

He sees a beautiful bunny hopping across the snow. The man aims at the bunny using one old and deteriorating arrow he carries around for good luck, and then he releases, and the arrow flies and he is hoping it lands as much as he doesn’t, and he feels a pang in HIS heart as soon as the arrow hits the bunny’s.

The man is not a saint. He is not one who could meditate into death, knowing that God will take care of him and that all he needs is faith, and that God will provide for his family. He may know that God can do this but he hasn’t practiced it ever before and does not know how. He is desperate for God’s love, for he wants to live more and learn, he just doesn’t know how.

This man is not a fool. He is living, like the Cheetah and the Lion. His child survives, he survives, and his genes are passed on. People continue to act in this way and there is nothing wrong with it, since the intention is desperation for experiencing the gift of life that God gave to us all.

Right now, in his moment of desperation and evolution, he just doesn’t know that the bunny is desperate to experience that same gift. As is his child desperate to experience a life where he can run amongst the bunnies, without fear of arrows falling at his feet.

Lazy Man

A man knows that he can spend his time planting seeds in the spring, farming in the summer, and harvesting in the fall. He chases the other cavewomen and eats berries and fruits of the earth throughout the easy seasons.

When the hard seasons befall him, he takes it unto himself to right the wrong of the lack of food which the earth is seemingly providing him with during the hardest months of the year.

He spites the gods he believes in, for his state, and feels right in spiting them; without considering that he has no right and that he wasn’t there before time and space were created by his Creator; and that he could never understand that he himself is a flower that God is patiently waiting to bloom.

The closed flower goes out, club in hand, ready to smash the head of anything that moves and eat it raw, for it has been starving since the last leaf of fall fell.

The lazy man flower’s capability of growing plants and farming has wilted, because he hasn’t drank the divine nectar of determination. A wilted man is not is not basic man. This was a choice. His genes are passed down too, albeit a bit wilted.

Those same genes, manifested through spiritual choice, are closely related to other genes like focus, determination, and planning ahead. Whenever lazy man is able to pass by living with nothing but the bare minimum, and he bares the taste of blood in return for an easy spring, summer and fall, his genes pass on the tendencies to repeat this approach in other aspects of life. What you end up with, is a wilted society, in which all fall away from the path, yet all are deliberate in their fall away from the Source.

Incumbent Man

This man is taught by society that he must hunt. This man is given the tools to hunt, he is shown that his success of hunting proves his own success. His ability to kill is his ability to live and be accepted.

He goes and he hunts.

Because this man obeys, the Spirit of Death obeys too. The Spirit of Death follows him, closely all his life, doing his bidding. What he doesn’t know is that Death’s Creator endowed Death with the hand of justice. Every arrow the man shot, every heart beat he took, Death must subtract from the man’s. it’s the way of life, and death.

It’s very possible that if this man never sinned, he would never die, but he is not strong enough to have faith in succeeding in such a manner, for it has not been done before. He is not strong enough to have faith in God’s simple yet powerful words.

So then, brothers, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh. For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.
Sin Will Kill You
Romans 8:12–13
-His Glory

Incumbent man obeyed his command to call on Death, and Death will arrive, to him who called.

I ask you now, here and now, before you read any further, how deeply do you desire God? Do your own research. Ask your own questions.

Basic Man

Basic man is doing his thing, basically. Basic man is different from Desperate Man. He does not know that it’s possible to meditate and have faith. He hears, sees, and feels. He reacts and thinks in a way that is very different from our own.

You may likely never meet a Native that has been a full native the majority of his life. Even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to communicate with him or she very well and understand what they know. Here’s a documentary for you to have a look at what Basic Man looks and acts like.

He understands fear, and comfort, and love, and survival.

Basic man is as easy to control as any animal. For “advanced man” can turn basic man into a pet at his whim.

Above are Amazonians that were enslaved during the explosion of the rubber industry in the early 20th Century by the “rubber companies.” You can learn more about this at 22:52 of the documentary I linked to above. Some estimate that 90% of indigenous people were wiped out.

That’s sad.

You know what’s even sadder?

That people these days complain about animal rights in the way that they do. It’s “in-humane” to enslave cows in nasty facilities where we choke them with chemicals and hormones, take their babies away, keep impregnating them, and then kill them.

I’m not interested in what the dictionary defines “humane” as. It’s got it’s own limitations. My heart defines “humane” as actions that are fit for a human.

Humans seem to be fit of the capability of genocide, so if people are fit to be enslaved, exterminated, tortured, and killed, why do you think that animals can’t be?

Because we let it go on.

That is all.

Could I say that I would rather see everyone eat the carcasses of animals in this world than be cruel to each other? Maybe, for a thought experiment, I could say that. In practically it makes no sense though. Most of “advanced man” knows that killing men is no good. Why would I want to see something that should technically already exist, in return for the death of animals every single day?

Death is tired. Let him rest.

I theorize that killing animals actually de-sensitizes us to killing people. When we kill animals our bodies flourish with all the protein and growth; that’s some of us think. Maybe then, when we kill our enemies, our communities will too flourish with strength and harmony.

No. That’s actually a load of malarky. Do not let the temptations of an easy kill and an easy season tempt you into a day of wishful death thinking. Death is not something that should be wished upon any creature. Creatures are related to the Creator.

When you disregard a creature you disregard the Creator.

God made it pretty simple.

Thou shalt not kill.

Do you think God wasn’t clear enough? Would you tell God to get an editor that adds a commandment above the others which states “Thou Shalt Ready Oneself for Thy Knowledge by Learning How to Read”?

There you have it. The question is in your head… I’ve said it. I’m that editor. You can imagine you’ve been commanded to learn how to read before reading the commandments.

Learn how to read and then read the Bible, or at least the commandments first. I’ve never read the Bible myself and I don’t know if I ever will. I’m glad I’m finally getting around to understanding it a little bit better though. Maybe you can explain it to me in detail one day.

I would be really happy to have inspired someone down a path of knowledge that can one day teach me some of what they have found on their way.

I will leave you with this.

The word atonement is very close to at-one-ment*. It is also close to the word “Atman,” which is Hindu for the inner self or soul.

अनित्याशुचिदुःखानात्मसु नित्यशुचिसुखात्मख्यातिरविद्या
Avidya (अविद्या, ignorance) is regarding the transient as eternal, the impure as pure, the pain-giving as joy-giving, and the non-Atman as Atman.
— Yogasutra 2.5
द्रष्टा दृशिमात्रः शुद्धोऽपि प्रत्ययानुपश्यः
 तदर्थ एव दृश्यस्यात्मा
The seer (soul) is the absolute knower. Though pure, modifications are witnessed by him by coloring of intellect.
 The spectacle exists only to serve the purpose of the Atman.
— Yogasutra 2.19–2.20

Interestingly enough, it is also somewhat close to a sentence that God spoke to me one time, of a language that was partially transcribed by myself last year. This sentence is “Atmos n’uun haac.” It roughly translates as “atoms do move.”

Do your atoms vibrate at the frequency of love and pure light? Do they foster compassion, understanding, and wisdom? Are you, and all of your atoms of being, at one in this moment?


*This observation was made whilst researching the essence of the Source — which luckily, the Essenes have protected for thousands of years through beautiful scrolls which I seek to read — when I came across a piece titled Jesus Was A Vegetarian, Why Aren’t You? By Victor Forsythe & Frank Mucci.

Christ, the early writings of the Church prove, was a humane person in the complete sense of the word. The Essenes were living proof of this as the record shows. They were seldom ill, and lived to be over one hundred years old, true testimony of a clean diet from God. Today Jehovah God expects a holy people like the Essenes of old to be on hand or prepared for the second physical and spiritual presence of His Son Christ. Is diet your master and god?
-Jesus Was A Vegetarian, Why Aren’t You?

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