The Storyful Podcast: The Ambulance-Chasing Effect — Social Media and the Ethics in Outreach

by Della Kilroy

Thanks to the smart phone and social media, video recorded by eyewitnesses has become a central aspect to news reporting. Video posted on social of a newsworthy event will inevitably draw a slew of use requests from individual reporters and media organizations. On the one hand, it’s good to see media engaging with sources; on the other, a mass of repetitive tweets bombarding an individual is not an edifying spectacle, or an enjoyable one for the social media user involved.

So, what is the best approach for journalists to take? What balance should they try and strike between getting the story and respecting its source? Are there guidelines that can be agreed? In this podcast we will discuss these and other issues around the ethics of social media outreach.

Della Kilroy is joined by to Claire Wardle, Director of Research and Strategy at First Draft News; Joe Galvin, Director of News with Storyful; and Peadar Grogan and Padraic Ryan, news journalists with Storyful.

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