Dear White Writers, If You’re Not Qualified to Write About Race…
Ezinne Ukoha

First of all I apologize now and at the end of this for the next sentence that will come. I want to punch you for this article. You acted just like those white assholes. In this article you act like your skin color, your genetics, your biological heritage, grants you the right to write and talk about certain things the way you do here. You are angry with assholes. I get that. Damn, I am probably one of them in your eyes and I will not convince you otherwise with this piece. But being angry and acting like an asshole, like them, yourself only achieves that you become a palette swap of them. There is no beauty or inspiration in it. I would turn you into a werewolf, a symbol of uncontrollable and animalistic RAGE, in one of my stories based on this article alone. That is pretty much what you have done here. And you are not a werewolf, raging uncontrollably and destroying mindlessly everything around you.

Racism is the act of discrimination someone or a group of people based on skin color or other commonly shared biological aspects within said group. Basically discriminating someone bcause he or she looks different. Bullying is the act of discriminating someone based on skin color or other biological aspects commonly shared within a group or based on foreign behavior. Basically discriminating someone because he or she looks or acts different. And pointing this similarity out is not revolutionary. And I hate bullying with a vengeance and racism just as much because of it.

Now I have three questions for you, Ezinne. And I will give you my answers to them. Should the biological heritage of someone matter? No. Do we live in a society/world where it apparently does matter? Sadly, yes. Should we do something against that? Hell fucking yeah.

Again, I apologize for my urge to punch you. I can not say that i do not mean, because I do and saying otherwise would be a blatant lie. I just hope that you understand why. And my apologies if you see as one those assholes. I enjoy your uber driver stories way too much. They are delightfully human.

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