Short Story Tales: Wandering the desert Part 1

This short story is about me wandering the world of my dear Marion Net and the jester Laslo. For the sake of the story, and from here on out, I am a skeleton. This is also the first of many short stories like this one. I hope you enjoy this.

I am walking through this desert for weeks now! The sun bleaches my bones and the sand literally gnaws on my substance. Furthermore I can only progress slowly, because I have to hide in my tent every time when even the smallest sandstorm comes around. I am clothed like a Bedouin, or this world’s equivalent of a Bedouin. The tailor even insisted on a bit of splendor. I could not say now after the hassle I had to find a locality which finally sold me some clothes. A walking and talking skeleton is apparently an evil omen and do not know why. Fortunately I found a helpful place and was covered up from skull to toe. Now I am sitting in my tent and wait for the storm to end. I hope that this trip was not for naught.

Supposedly there are not just oases, nomads, and pompous cities in this desert. Supposedly there are ancient ruins as well. But until now now I only found lonely pillars scattered around the desert. Still my hopes were not disappointed, for now. The nomads I met were exceptionally friendly and hospitable. Some of them wanted me to marry their daughters, even after I told them of my fleshless nature. I declined all of their offers politely of course, even though they were beautiful women in every regard. I have to talk to them at one point again. There must be other ways I can help them to find their future.. They are all pretty smart and it would be a shame if the desert is the only world they know.

The storm has subsided, I can continue my travels. Heat is luckily only marginal concern of mine now. Heat strok can kiss my hip bone.

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