The Skeletal Play: Kathy Rain

Main Menu from the game

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’m back with another game for a weekend or boring evenings, a Point-and-Click Adventure called Kathy Rain, developed by Clifftop Games and published by Raw Fury. And I say it’s a game for weekend because I finished it in a bit more than seven hours, with a little help here and there with some puzzles because I’m an idiot. I forget something I have in the inventory or I’m on the right track but the train goes in the opposite direction. Happened to me in Stasis and Cayne as well.

But first some technical things. There or two other things you may want before actually playing this game. One of them is Notepad++ and the other is Borderless Gaming. Notepad++ may even be a necessity because you can’t change the resolution and you can’t switch from Fullscreen to Windowed while the game is running. That can only be done inside the game folder, acsetup.cfg inside that folder to be precise. And Notepad++ can read this file and edit it. Just change the entry Windowed=0 to Windowed=1 and all your problems with the maximum resolution of the game just fly away, if you save that change. Borderless Gaming is your friend when you want to Kathy Rain in a bigger resolution than the game allows. Put it in Windowed mode, add it to Borderless Gaming, and you can have in the native resolution of your screen. There’s a little issue with the mouse cursor but that only becomes visible if you leave the window of the game. But you’re playing the game so I doubt that you’re going to leave said window.

And with that out of the way I can talk about the actual game. The mechanics are what you expect. You take things and combine with the environment or people or other things in your inventory. Walking is done by clicking around. You read notes and talk to people to gain clues. An option for highlighting interact-able is missing if you’re looking for one. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The story caught me a little bit unexpected. You follow the namesake of the game around and to her birthplace. It starts out as a murder mystery, for a lack of a better term, and slowly drifts into the supernatural and even horror in my opinion. And it all begins with the funeral of Kathy’s grandfather, family she wasn’t in contact with for fifteen years according to her. Once she arrives, after her roommate and friend urged her to go to the funeral, Kathy decides to catch up with her grandmother and wants to know what happened to her grandfather. He wasn’t murdered, which is why murder mystery isn’t the best term, but it’s also up for debate when he actually died. And the deeper Kathy digs, the stranger and more dangerous it gets. For example there are dreams of two men playing chess while one of them is floating upside down.

But that’s not all. There are other and more worldly issues. For example why Kathy didn’t visit her grandparents. Or what is going with her parents. Let’s just say that she has quite a bit of emotional baggage in regards to her family. And then there is the horror which is again just my honest opinion and is up for debate as well. I only say that she is in a better shape after this investigation than before it. Certain wounds she has aren’t healed but tended to. And considering the wounds and the method, I would she comes out on top.

Another thing that caught me a bit off guard is that the horror I felt wasn’t intended. That’s how it felt for me at least. Sure, I felt horror. Probably as much as Kathy did. And it felt tangible and at times menacing. There was dread coming from the knowledge that there is more out there, outside the sciences. How do I put it? Let’s say that there is biker gang lurking around your house, watching you and following you. First out of sight until someone tries to push something similar onto you. They slowly begin to move, become more obvious until they’re around you. Some of move past you on day while you’re out shopping and the others slowly surround you and start explaining. This other guy, the one who tried to push his help onto you, was harming you with his good intentions and they tried to make sure that it doesn’t come to that due to a promise from some relative. That’s how the horror felt for me, in a way. I can’t put it better.

And I think that I said enough. Good night and sleep well.

Small edit: There is a way to highlight interact-able object in the game. It’s the space bar. I’m a blind and forgetful idiot. The options menu lets you check the controls.

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