Short Story Tales: Wandering the desert Part 3

A small note before you all read this. I want to give you the inspiration for one of the characters in this short story, Hino-Enma or Hinoenma. I bastardised this name and relocated her into the desert. I hope you enjoy it.

It is unbelievable how gorgeous the city really is. Even the smallest and simplest houses have colourful roofs, door and window frames. And I am happy that loose rocks are a rarity in the streets. But the citizens are looking at me with disdain again. It took a while until I found an Inn which offered me a bed. But I got two interesting stories, two versions of one story actually. I asked my nomadic friends and the people of the city about the nightly whispers and the footprints. The story is about Hinu Mahr.

There was once a generous and just couple which ruled over the desert. The Skah was a stern ruler who brought justice to the criminals swiftly. His wife, Hinu Mahr, was supposedly the most beautiful in this mortal world. Nobody could lie when they looked into her starlight eyes. One day they were asked to serve as peace makers between the nomads and the people of Vaki. And at this point the story differs according to who is telling it. First the version the nomads tell around their fires.

After many days and nights in the alone desert, the Skah and Hinu Mahr found by a tribe of nomads. They were cared for by the wife of the tribe leader, but a dark veil was manifesting itself over Hinu Mahr’s eyes. After a few days there were disputes between husbands and wives and Hinu Mahr was the subject of them. Soon infidelity and adultry emerged. All men could only look Hinu Mahr in the eyes. Shortly after they complained about weakness showed markings of bites. Even the Skah was not spared. The wife of the tribe leader banished Hinu Mahr into the desert, but she came back every night and feasted on the seduced men and forced them towards suicide at the end. It shattered the Skah’s heart when he witnessed this with his own eyes one night. He stabbed Hinu Mahr with his dagger, piercing her heart. The nomads tell that Hinu Mahr is still looking for more victims in the desert, despite this mortal wound.

The population of the city tells a different tale. The Skah and Hinu Mahr announced a peace council in Vaki. But the nomads, not willing to make a compromise, refused this council. They tried to bribe the Skah, but all of the nomad messengers could not lie when they saw into Hinu Mahr’s eyes. This infuriated the matriarch of the nomads and she cursed Hinu Mahr, all of her words became ones of sodomy and her gaze seduced every man. The Skah killed the matriarch in rage after he saw what she did to his beloved Hinu Mahr. He witnessed how his warriors killed themselves over the lusty love of his wife. He banished Hinu Mahr into the desert in deep sadness.

Maybe Hinu Mahr followed me out there in the night? I hope that this not true. But now I am afraid of the desert night because of these two tellings.

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