‘Sowing in the morning, sowing in the noontide, and the time of reaping…’ her voice trailed off in incoherent singing. ‘Bringing in the sheeves, bringing in the sheeves…’ her voice trailed off again.
 She could never quite get the song. But she loved singing.
 Especially at the farm. Kept her from getting cold.
 She much preferred the traditional songs.

The way the drum beats dictated the movement of her hips.

The way her hips captivated him.

The way the words would catch the rhythm,

And his steps would match hers.

For a moment, it felt like they were in unison.

United in rhythm.

The rush of it!!

She breathed in deep, shook off the euphoria.

The grouchy farm manager was watching.

‘Pictory’ — A picture and a story speaking of and from each other.

Story — Njeri Macharia

Picture — Kimani Wandaka

KIMANI WANDAKA — images with life.

Originally published at on January 29, 2016.