The cursor flashes in anticipation.

Sbhsdasbekmsaas ahbew,bz chb,fgdlab


Cursor flashes indifferently.

Maybe some background music will inspire some words. What genre should it be? How loud?
Skip that song. It’s ridiculous.

Damn it! The tea has gone cold. Maybe a walk will help. Go on… put some pants on. Decency is stifling.

Is that rain? Really? Now? But why?!
Take off pants. Get into bed. No need staying up when it rains.

Should have switched off all electronics.

Get up. Go back to the desk.

Cursor flashes impatiently.

Type lyrics to the song that is currently playing.

Dance to the next song.

The deadline is ten minutes away.

Cursor angrily flashes.

‘Pictory’ – A picture and a story speaking of and from each other.

Story – Shiko Ngure

Picture – Kimani Wandaka