3 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Archives

The challenge: Monetizing Archives

Most publications possess decades of articles that must be digitized, indexed, and re-formatted to be made available via digital channels. Archiving is time consuming and, let’s be honest, once it’s done — there’s an even more difficult challenge, how to monetize? There’s no point whatsoever in organizing and indexing your archives if you’re unable to capitalize on the results of all that hard work.

For every problem, there is a solution… or three:

  1. Memberships and Subscriptions

Memberships and subscriptions offer privileged access to archive databases that other readers cannot see. These programs are often specifically targeted at professionals in certain disciplines or can be open to anyone that has interest in the subject (eg. students, private enthusiasts, etc). Vogue, for example, has been in the publishing business since 1892, so they have millions of articles. Vogue has chronicled years of fashion history and has made their trove available to fashion lovers, marketers, and even designers who are looking for inspiration or the next hot trend. The Vogue Archive is a platform mostly targeted to professionals. It opens access to every single Vogue issue. It’s a great example of how to monetize high-quality archival content.

2. Syndication & Copyright

Syndication and copyright fees another way to monetize news archives. The complete archive of The New York Times, for example, is now available on NYTimes.com. It stocks a hefty 13 million articles — from 1851 to present. There are different membership levels to access and purchase articles at a monthly fee or a set price per article. These fees could also be royalty fees that are paid as copyright royalties. Published content is subject to copyright protection and must be licensed for use; so every time anyone uses your content, they have to pay-up.

3. Promote Old Articles Through Juicy Contextual Quotes

Whatever your monetization scheme, you’ve got to market those archives. A great way to draw attention to your archives is to remix and repackage those articles into something new and unique. Why not use eye-catching quotes to pull those oldies back up to the surface? You can increase traffic by catching the reader’s eye with an interesting quote (read: super-start user experience), and you can prompt people to go back and check out old articles that add value (via contextualization) to current issues. Let’s elaborate a bit, shall we?

o Archives

Imagine all your articles are structured and indexed to find quickly and easily, and not only that, but you can also find quotes instantly from any person in the news about any topic.

o The Internet Loves Quotes

Storyzy reads online news content and automatically extracts quotes and their authors. For example, if you search “Obama Health Care”, you would get a list of quotes from Obama talking about Health Care and quotes from other people talking about Obama’s Health Care stand and/or policies — 15x faster than going through a list of articles that may or may not be relevant to what you are looking for.

o Let’s Go Back in Time

Do you want to take your reader experience to a whole new level? No problem. Your audience can travel through time with quotes. People change their minds all the time. One day we dislike broccoli, and the next day we find ourselves making roasted garlic lemon broccoli… There may not be quotes from you saying those things in the news, but there are quotes from politicians, for example, talking about immigration or trade policies. Storyzy extracts quotes from your archives and from around the web; so let’s say you want to show your readers how consistent Donald Trump has been on his stand on immigration. Storyzy would not only provide the quotes, but also the sources, allowing you to pump-up traffic on website and push readers deep into your archives.

Quotes are a relevant (and unique) way to draw your readers in and add value to your archives — because people care about what other people say.

In other words, we got your back



Storyzy provides to advertisers and media agencies a brand safety solution to avoid fake news context.

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Storyzy provides to advertisers and media agencies a brand safety solution to avoid fake news context.