5 Steps to use news quotes like a pro in your content marketing campaigns

“Content is king”, right? Bill Gates said so, and we’re in no position to argue. The trouble with content creation is that it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack [read: time consuming]. For time-poor content marketers, content curationoffers an enticing solution.

How does content curation work? Simple. Content curation is finding and sharing content that your audience (your target market) will like/share/comment on/etc. What type of content should you share? Ideally — a variety. One particulary effective type of content to curate is news — particulary impactful news quotes.

Read on for 5 simple steps to use news quotes in your content marketing campaigns.

1. Know your audience — what do they care about?

Since you’re revving up a content marketing strategy, you’ve almost certainly already identified your target market (or early adopters). So ask yourself this question: What do these people care about? Find the right answer to that question and you’re on the way to content curation success! No. Doubt.

Not sure what your audience cares about? Some tricks to figure it out…

  • Look closely at your competitors, what types of content do they curate? (Twitter and company blogs are super useful here)
  • For geographically defined audiences, try using Google Trends. You can see what is trending by region or even search keywords/phrases to see their relative popularity.
  • Identify people in your target audience on LinkedIn (try searching by job title, for example). On their profile pages, you can click the little chevron near “send a message” and then choose “view recent activity” (see image below). Using LinkedIn in this way, you can do a case study of what people in your target audience actually engage with.
How to view a person’s recent activity on LinkedIn

2. Find news quotes for your audience

So you know what topics are meaningful — you know what your audience cares about. Now you need to find the content to match that interest — so you can curate it!

Let’s assume your audience is interested in the following topics: tech, security, and gadgets/devices. Where would you go to find memorable, and timely, news quotes to curate?

The Storyzy platform automatically extracts and aggregates news quotes from accross the web — plus it’s free, so… need I say more? Go there to find quotes on almost any topic — all sorted by date, and all with the orginal source news article(s) attached (not something you see everyday on a “quotes” platform). I found this gem of an example for our audience interested in tech and security…

Two different ways to promote the same post — which one would you click?

Quotes are not copy — they are alive. They ring with the voice of the author.

So go find the quotes that will resonate with your audience.

3. Define a medium

So you’ve found an amazing quote, or collection of quotes — how can you share them?

Some ways to use quotes in your content curation:

Make quote images: some useful tools for this include Recite (drop your quote into a ready-made template), Quotescover (customizable font and high resolution downloads), Storyzy (find news quotes, create images, and share — all from a single platform), and Pixteller (images in specialized formats).

Make quote videos: there are loads of video-making tools, our picks today are Animoto (super easy, great quality and features, not free), Kizoa (great for slideshows), Stupeflix (great name, freemium), and Photoshow (loads of special features and animations).

4. Choose the right platform

Where should you post to get the most out of your content curation efforts? This depends on your audience, but one thing for sure: you should try to cross post as much as you can, and as smartly as you can. If you curate a blog (either on your website, on Medium or somewhere else), make sure you share it on twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/Pinterest/Tumblr/Insta. The important thing when choosing where to post is to understand that different target audiences will have different platform preferences.

Where is your audience hiding? Different platforms appeal to different types of people.

There are many studies of social media user demographics — you should take a close look at a few of them to get an idea of the lay of the land. Try checking out this one from Pew — it’s one of the best and an industry go-to.

5. Share share share!

You know your audience, you’ve found quotes that will peak their interest, you’ve created an image or video (or decided to stick with a good ol’ textual approach), and you’ve selected platform(s). All that’s left is to get on with the curating. You should aim to post every day — that’s why we think news quotes are so great — there are brand new ones to find and share every day!

Protip: Analyze your results…

Your content marketing strategy probably has a goal (if not you should take a look at this post from the Content Marketing Institute). Your goal could be traffic to your website, getting new users/signups, growing an email list, or even user engagement on social networks (or a combination). A few weeks after you roll-out a new campaign, take a step back and analyze the results. Are your efforts starting to pay off? Are your goals coming to fruition? If not — maybe you’re not posting on the right platforms, or maybe your audience’s interests need to be re-evaluated. TL;DR: if your strategy isn’t working, change things up until it does.

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