Euronews launches “All Quotes”, a new vertical made with A.I

In the ongoing search for authenticity, many forget the role fake quotes play in spreading fake news. A particularly problematic phenomenon on social networks, Euronews has partnered with A.I. start-up Storyzy to launch a new digital vertical called “All Quotes” with thousands of authentic quotes. This partnership promises a new phase in empowering users in the battle against fake news.

However how will that battle be fought?

Using Storyzy’s natural language processing (NLP) technology, this is what Storyzy CEO Stan Motte has to say: “After 5 years working on automated fact-checking technology, we developed a reliable A.I. solution to solve a part of the fake news problem: detecting if a quote is authentic by simply asking ‘did they say that or not?’

· The new vertical revolutionizes news consumption through the direct quotations of notable people and is enriched by the Quote Verifier, an essential feature to fight against fake news on social networks.

· With the Quote Verifierusers can easily verify if the quotes they read are authentic or not. Enter the quote and the tool provides an instantaneous result. The quote could be authentic, incomplete or dubious.

15+ million authentic quotes

· This performance is made possible by Storyzy’s database composed of +15 million authentic quotes from the news since 2015 (enhanced by +50,000 new authentic quotes daily), and of the 96,000 quotes from notable, historical figures. All of these indexed quotes come from reputable media sources.

· Already hundreds of topics have been curated for Euronews’ consumers, from the conflict in Syria to Facebook; from Brexit to Climate Change. Currently, 111,000 global experts in various fields from science to entertainment, have individual pages with their archived authentic quotes. The automated system creates on average 400 new people pages daily.

· These pages are automatically generated and permanently stored and updated by Storyzy’s system. The A.I. program not only extracts quotes from Euronews articles, but from news articles all around the web, which are organised by speaker and occupation. Already available in English, Euronews and Storyzy aspire to launch this initiative in other languages.

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