Infographic: Why You Should Use “Today’s” Quotes in Your Curation Marketing

If you’ve spent anytime on any social media platform, you’ve probably noticed that people love quotes. They. Are. Everywhere.

If you work in marketing, you’re probably well versed on the utility of content curation as an effective, and affordable, approach to content marketing (aka: the marketing holy grail). So, if you’re a savvy marketer (and we’re sure you are…), you’ve certainly put two and two together… you’ve realized that you can curate quotes on your brand’s social pages to boost your visibility and traction… right? Right.

There are loads of quotes out there. So how can you make the quotes you share stand out from the crowd? One approach is to curate news quotes from today — curate “today’s” quotes. Today’s quotes are better than your average, run-of-the-mill motivational quote because their language is generally more impactful, more targeted, and thus, much more shareable and eye-catching.

With the right tool, you can easily find recent quotes from opinion leaders and celebrities on almost any topic. What’s the tool? Storyzy of course!

In this infographic, we’ve chosen five themes (education, healthy eating, climate change, feminism, and money), and we’ve juxtaposed a motivational quote with a quote from “today” (a recent news quote). We think you’ll agree, today’s quotes are more relevant and clickable…

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