In the battle against fake news, Storyzy A.I. fights fake quotes

The Quote Verifier launched today by Storyzy takes the battle against fake news to a whole new automated level by conveniently flagging fake quotes on social networks and search engines with +50,000 new authentic quotes added daily.

Storyzy aims to help social networks and search engines by spotting fake quotes. To fulfill this ambition Storyzy developed a tool (currently available in Beta version) that verifies whether a quote is authentic or not by checking if a person truly said that or not. Users simply enter a quote to receive an immediate response with 3 possible outcomes:

1. The quote is authentic: the Quote Verifier provides the name of the author and the link to the source to provide extra context.

2. The quote is dubious: the quote is not in the Storyzy database composed of +15 million authentic quotes from the news since 2015 (enhanced by +50,000 new authentic quotes daily), and of the 96,000 quotes from notable, historical speakers.

3. The quote is incomplete: the Quote Verifier provides the whole quote, its author and the link(s) to the source(s) for a better grasp of the meaning.

To show how fake quotes are a key part of fake news stories, we took 50 news stories identified as fake by Snopes, Politifact, and ABC News and applied our Quote Verifier to these fake stories. The findings were striking as the Quote Verifier found that 54% of quotes present in these articles were themselves fake.

An API for social networks and search engines

Any post with a quote is sent to Storyzy’s system which responds with an immediate result, further allowing social networks and search engines to easily flag any dubious quote in real-time, and thus proactively preventing the fake quote becoming viral.

Check out our video tutorial at:

“After 5 years working on automated fact-checking technology, we developed a reliable A.I. solution to solve a part of the fake news problem: detecting if a quote is authentic by simply asking ‘did they say that or not?’”, Stan Motte, Storyzy’s CEO.

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