Storyzy raises $900K to expand the first news quotes search engine

Storyzy is super stoked to share our great news with the digital world!

Our team kicked-off a crowdfunding campaign on June 14th, 2016. After 3 years’ R&D, we are ready to commercialize what we know is a game-changing technology for the publishing industry. Lucky for us — many industry investors agree with our assessment! We are proud to announce that we raised the $900K we were seeking! This money will enable our team to hit the ground running to commercialize Storyzy — the news quotes search engine launched in June 2016.

“Storyzy is a new way to consume the news through those who make the news. With this fundraising, we now have the means to commercialize a new functionality worldwide to enrich the content of major news sites in English. Storyzy drives revenues by monetizing archives and increasing the number of clicks ”,
~Stan Motte, Storyzy’s CEO and Co-Founder.

Storyzy is a search engine that allows you to find Who Said What on any news topic. How is our search engine different from others? Imagine: you search “Leonardo DiCaprio Climate Change”. Instead of an old-school list of articles, Storyzy displays (1) quotes from Leonardo DiCaprio talking about Climate Change and (2) quotes from other people talking about Leo’s Climate Change stand. More exciting? Yes. More clickable? You bet. Faster research? Why yes… 15x faster…

You must be asking yourself: what is this sorcery? Let us explain the Storyzy magic. The Storyzy team spent 3 years developing this unique tech founded upon artificial intelligence (natural language processing). The Storyzy algorithms read online news content and automatically extract reported speech (direct quotes and indirect speech) and their authors (people and organizations) — 100% automatically, 24 hours per day. Storyzy reads only English for now, but our market is international.

Our whole team is very excited to start this new phase and to share it with you!

Thanks to our supporters: our friends, our colleagues, and especially the investors who have confidence in us. Stay tuned for more — we are just getting started!

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