Cake of Dreams

Feb 8, 2017 · 3 min read
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Image: Cake of Dreams

We talk to Walthamstow-based cake-maker extraordinaire, Francesca McConchie AKA Cake of Dreams. Her creations are bursting with colour and fun — we could scroll through her Instagram feed all day!
Read on…

Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from…

I’m Francesca, I grew up between Belgium, London and the US, and have lived in Walthamstow for the past seven years.

Tell us about Cake of Dreams…

Baking has always been something I did for fun, escapism… I made increasingly ambitious cakes for friends’ birthdays because it seemed impossible to buy any that were delicious, or magical, enough. It became a business once I had two small kids and the childcare costs of doing a desk job (that I didn’t like anyway) became prohibitive. The idea has always been to make cakes like the ones you see in storybooks or films — the cakes of childhood dreams and imaginations. I want them to be oozy and sparkly and indulgent. Cakes are a treat and should be delicious and worth it and special.

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Cake of Dreams — Chocolate, marshmallow & salted caramel with hazelnuts

What are your favourite materials to work with?

In the summertime there is such an incredible array of fresh flowers to choose from, and edible flowers. I love coming up with new ideas for toppers, like bumblebees made from berries or painted meringue toadstools. Once I made a cat from choux buns and caramel….

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Cake of Dreams — Golden popcorn drizzle magical velvet dream cake!

Any future plans / projects you can talk to us about?

I’m working on cakes constantly, but also work on developing recipes with my kids, coming up with snacks and meals they can help to create.

Where and how did you learn your craft?

Totally self taught, with lots and lots of practice over many years.

Describe your workspace…

I work at home out of my kitchen, with the radio on constantly and up to three mixers on the go at once.

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Cake of Dreams — Hot pink vanilla, raspberry & cream cake

What inspires you?

Music, my friends, nostalgia, film, light, my children.

What do you enjoy about working / living in Walthamstow?

I feel so lucky to have ended up living here because the community is so inclusive and supportive, and nurturing of new ideas. My business has definitely grown largely through local support, and it’s been a treat building relationships and friendships with lots of my suppliers and clients. There’s so much to do, so much to eat, so many lovely people to bump into…

Describe your perfect Walthamstow day…

Anything involving food and drink and friends…Maybe taking my kids skateboarding in Lloyd Park, reformer pilates at East of Eden, one of those spicy cheese toasties from Today Bread to counteract all exercise… beers outside the Wildcard Brewery in the hot hot sun…

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Wildcard Brewery

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