Gavin Coyle Studio

Gavin Coyle

Gavin Coyle Studio is a workshop based in Walthamstow that designs and makes high quality, timeless products for your home.
We talk to Gavin about his work and what he likes about working in Walthamstow…

Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from…

My name is Gavin Coyle. Born in Birmingham and raised in my Dad’s shed where I slowly honed my skills as a furniture maker.

Tell us about Gavin Coyle…

I run a small studio/workshop dedicated in preserving the skills of traditional craftsmanship in new and innovative ways.
My aim is to make timeless products which have a lasting beauty and designed to be lived with, used, and enjoyed. Much of my work is bespoke commissions for manufacturers, galleries and private clients. I also produce my own range of products for retail.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

The inherent properties of timber have always been a continuous fascination for me. Whether its to be bent, steamed, fumed, scorched there’s a timber for most applications. Experimenting with these different species is a never ending journey of discovery.

Gavin Coyle: JAC Side Tables

Any future plans / projects you can talk to us about?

We are working with a couple of galleries on some upcoming shows along with a new interior project for a local Walthamstow company. I shall be partaking in this years art trail and making plans for London Design Week in September.

Where and how did you learn your craft?

I’ve been exceptionally lucky that from a very early age the path was set for a life at the bench. I was encouraged to make things by my parents and would wind away the hours in the shed constructing all sorts rudimentary objects. After school I cut my teeth as a pattern maker, carpenter and a spell converting barns before putting myself onto a furniture crafts course in Warwickshire. I then went to Bucks University to study furniture design and craftsmanship and have been a jobbing furniture maker since.

Describe your workspace…

Well equipped, light and airy. A bit chilly in the winter but perfect in the summer. We grow vegetables in the yard, play far too much table tennis and throw the occasional party.

Gavin Coyle Studio

What inspires you?

Visiting other craft workshops, the V&A, flea markets, Richard Wentworth, Graphic design, Epping forest… to name a few.

What do you enjoy about working / living in Walthamstow?
Walthamstow has an abundance of amazing craftspeople and I’ve had the good fortune of collaborating with a few of them. I think the spirit of William Morris still lives on through local designers and makers.

Gavin Coyle: Birds

Describe your perfect Walthamstow day…

Jump on my bike and cycle through the marshes to the workshop. Get changed, put on some good music and get stuck into a new project. Lunch would be at the Hornbeam with a spot of table tennis at end the day.

The Hornbeam Cafe