Iga — Happy Little Folks

This is Iga… She creates beautiful children’s toys made of non-toxic, natural and eco-friendly materials. She believes that children should be surrounded by things that are timeless and that inspire them to imagine, to create and to discover. What a lovely ethos!
Read more about her products and what she loves about living in Walthamstow…

Tell us about Happy Little Folks…

Happy Little Folks is an independent brand which makes and sells handmade wooden blocks, toys and decor for kids. My mission is to create beautiful, unique, quality items for children, made of non-toxic, natural eco-friendly materials, safe for the little ones.

I started Happy Little Folks back in November 2015.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

Wood, mostly beech, fir and pine from sustainable, FSC certified sources.

Woodland Friends — Happy Little Folks

Any future plans / projects you can talk to us about?

I take things slowly, one step at the time, but I have many plans for expanding my brand. I am working on my new designs at the moment and I also sell pieces by different makers. I handpick items I love and want to have in my shop — I’m keen to spread the word about other amazingly talented people.

Where and how did you learn your craft?

I have an MA in Economics but have always loved creativity and art. I studied Interior Design for a year in London and this was the beginning of my creative journey. I always dreamt of working in a creative industry, have my own brand and never felt fully satisfied in previous nine to five jobs. Becoming a mum in 2014 was like a wake up call, now or never — so glad I did it.

Wooden Ice Cream Stacker — Happy Little Folks

Describe your workspace…

I work from home — mostly from my big desk in the living room as the light is good for painting, which is essential as I hand-paint each and every piece. I outsource the cutting of my wooden designs as it’s difficult to do everything myself. I am planning to move to a bigger house soon so I can transform one of the rooms into my own cosy studio, I need lots of space!

What inspires you?

I find inspiration pretty much everywhere, literally. I go for a walk and I see interesting shapes and colours, but I guess the biggest inspiration comes from Scandinavian design, minimalism, geometry and nature.

Wooden Blocks — Happy Little Folks

What do you enjoy about working / living in Walthamstow?

I have lived in E17 for about 10 years now, it is a good place to live. I love its diversity, it is full of creative people I get my motivation and inspiration from. At the same time it’s kid friendly with lots of stuff to explore with my little boy.

Describe your perfect Walthamstow day…

A perfect day is a sunny day! Grabbing a coffee and going for a long walk with my boys, go to see the ducks by the canals, walking through the Marshes, just a careless happy day.

Oscar — Happy Little Folks

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