Hennie Haworth

Hennie Haworth is a freelance illustrator who lives and works in Walthamstow. Her beautiful illustrations have featured in publications such as The Guardian, Time Out and Penguin Books. She talks to us here about her work and what she loves about living in E17.

Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from…

I grew up in Kingston, and went to university in Brighton. I have been living in Walthamstow for the last 5 years.

Tell us about your illustration…

I love to draw using a mixture of pens and pencils. I tend to like to draw things which are colourful, and often like to have a lot of fine detail drawn on top of larger blocks of colour.

Hennie Haworth — International Supermarket, Walthamstow

What are your favourite materials to work with?

I love using a BIG mix of pens and pencils, chalks, crayons. Thin, sharp pencils, tipex…stickers for when I make mistakes — or just to add some texture.

Any future plans / projects you can talk to us about?

I am planning some more drawings of Walthamstow. I have a new city colouring book coming out this year too, this time of Chicago, it’s to follow the other two I have done of London and Paris. Also, some paper doll cut-out books set in Jane Austin’s time. It’s been so lovey drawing all the ball gowns!

Hennie Howarth — Lloyd Park, Walthamstow

Where and how did you learn your craft?

I studied in Brighton, and did a semester in Minneapolis, also some time in Kyoto sharing a work space with other Japanese designers. I would say all this together has shown me a love of drawing.

Describe your workspace…

I work from home, in the smallest room! I fit in my desk, pens, and have a cork board wall for images I like. I love working in there as its warm and cozy, and looks out on to my street.

Hennie Haworth — Slush Puppy Shop, Walthamstow

What inspires you?

Ummm, the little details in things like pattern, colour, shapes….

What do you enjoy about working / living in Walthamstow?

I enjoy working where I live, easy to get to! In the future I hope to rent a work space with others, I used to have one in Hackney. There didn’t used to be much choice in Walthamstow, but now there are more and more freelancers setting up shared spaces. I love living here, there’s a big sense of community and you can easily get to know your neighbours.

Describe your perfect Walthamstow day…

We have a dog and love walking her on Walthamstow marshes. We always really enjoy going there for the day, walking Basil, then going to the riverside cafe (which is dog and child friendly), and then maybe playing in the Springfield park playground with my two children. Or cycling down the canal to the Olympic park is a treat as it always feels amazing and special to be so close. I love the playground there.

Hennie Haworth — Gods Own Junkyard

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