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Part 1 of this guide looked at the fundamental decisions to be made when looking for a warehouse.

PART II — Factors to consider when choosing a warehouse

There are a huge variety of factors that are relevant when choosing the right warehouse and they all play a part in the overall success of your supply chain. In this section, we examine the relevance of each of these factors when searching for warehousing space.

What are the important considerations when looking for a warehouse?

Location — The location of the warehouse is often the primary consideration, as being close to…

Demand for warehousing continues to grow across the UK with record amounts of money pouring into the sector and increasing scarcity in available prime industrial property. This has been driven by the huge growth in e-commerce and demand for last-mile logistics; in 2017 over 17m sq ft of new large industrial units were taken up by occupiers in the UK.

However, at a time where demand continues to grow, access to warehousing continues to be problematic with the parts of the logistics industry remaining very opaque and difficult to access.

Christmas in the UK is a time for festivities, family and food! Unfortunately for food retailers the nation’s warehousing capacity often reaches close to breaking point, with huge demand for third-party storage over the winter months ahead of the busiest time in retail. Oakland International, a UK supply chain specialist, was faced with the same problem a few months ago — having thousands of pallets of frozen products to store for the months in the run up to Christmas. …

We continue our analysis of the impact of ending up with no trade deal with part II of the series. We previously worked out that if the UK fails to get a trade deal and defaults to a WTO trade agreement, it could cost the average UK family £670 a year. Now our attention turns to which countries are most important to get a trade deal with, to reduce those trade tariffs as much as possible and limit any damage to the UK economy.

Since Article 50 has already been triggered, the UK government now has less than 2 years…

What is Proptech?

It’s a portmanteau. Quite simply property and tech. Basically anything that is to do with buying, renting, monitoring, tracking, finding, renovating, measuring, moving or any other things ending in -ing to do with property. Literally anything, if you can do it to a building and you can do it with a computer or your phone - its proptech.

And what’s going on?

Here we have taken Savills org chart and deconstructed the different business lines and stuck in some UK start ups that are having a crack at eating away its various revenue streams.

There’s a lot…

The 29th of March 2017 could be remembered politically as a pretty historic date, depending of course on how things turn out! Today, Theresa May will trigger Article 50 and begin the messy divorce process to separate the UK from the EU politically and economically. Recent commotions in the media have focused on the possibility of the two year negotiation process ending without a new trade agreement in place. …

The logistics industry is booming, but space is at a premium as take-up hits new heights and investors look for safe returns. A new start-up aims to disrupt the sector with an Airbnb-style model set to provide a solution to the shortage. Amber Rolt reports.

There is 2.1bn sq ft of industrial space spread over 184,928 properties in the UK. But the threat of a shortfall still looms, as vacancy rates across the country fall to just 5% following a booming 2016 for the logistics sector. And it is a boom that shows little sign of slowing down. Last year…

Shall I do this myself or is it worth paying someone else to do it? This is a question that many people ask themselves during the day, usually in the context of cleaning the house or washing the car. Businesses also ask themselves the same question in the context of their warehousing strategy and the answer isn’t always very apparent. The question of whether to invest in warehousing or to outsource, is one that businesses have struggled with for many years. Academic literature and supply chain studies are full of debates on the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. However…

We love this tweet:

It was posted by Sabine Mueller, CEO for DHL Consulting - i.e. someone you ought to take seriously if you are reading this.

The image is interesting because it’s DHL’s view of the future. Why do they think this?

The answer is simple: it’s what their customers are demanding.

Not long ago next day delivery was a marvel. Now many of us just expect it. Same day delivery is becoming a thing. It’s not going to be long before we expect that too. …

In a world that is rapidly changing, uncertainty is a given.

We’ve talked about uncertainty in a previous post, but what we want to do now is link the concept of uncertainty to the themes of disruption, change and complexity - topics that seem to be getting a lot of attention in the media at the moment (for some reason?!) and then link those themes to logistics.

Technology is a key driver of change, and like it or not, the pace of change only accelerates. …


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