‘I see a universal canvas to draw to any conclusions I see fit’

I have travelled across the pages and discovered words are sentences

As for why I'm locked up in this prism

It is because I'm a world smith And the main characters in this book of life are afraid of me

Because of my creativity they caged me to this reality

Burned my memories And burdened me with night vision Now everything enlightening

is blinding to me

Everything I draw on has to be written by them first Everything I touch apparently

turns into ashes Even these pages aging with time as I torch them

why am I setting these pages on fire?

I may be a pyromaniac I have a nac for setting ideas alight I believe

if I set my mind ablaze My spirit will rise above the ashes

But thinking back

Thinking is what landed me in here in the first place

I remember walking on skies but I don’t recall ever leaving this place

It’s As if I’ve traveled the world but I have never actually been outside The ground here

feels like clouded land mines and birthquakes

easy to mistake for a starry night

for a big bang This place Easy to mistake for my own headspace

I don’t actually know how long ive been here

All I know is freedom always feels like dejavu when I first taste it

Here I have to mind my step when it comes to what to believe

As I’ve constructed my entire reality based

on the history That they taught me

I may have actually been born here

Brought here under the pretense of time and space

under duress with due rest over due

Arrested to life in this prism

I was born here with sleeping sickness

The nurses told me The Author-doctors whispered pillow talk in my ear

to cure me from waking up I don’t belong here in these

chapters I wrote them is what the nurses never told me

As they raised me up in lies

As I traversed the mind-map-ages turned on wis-dom-inion learned to teach fear to free thought So

when the main characters told me I was the antagonist in my own story

I believed them When they told me they wrote me and rewrote my history

I watched them Riddle my senses with common censorship And fiddle with my sanity

I Allowed them to Weigh my marvels on a greyscale and make my novel into a colouring book

I let them use my eternity as leverage

While they gave history the ability to time travel

They had the past going back in time to repeat itself in my future

That’s why I keep reading the same book but never seem to finish these pages

Everytime I close a chapter the previous one is next

That’s why the Letters I send to the sky keep coming back

disemvoweled by Scriptures

They’ve policied free thinking

Under the guise of culture and religion They’ve disguised their palet as the heavens

I was arrested because I trespassed on forbidden fruits of consciousness

I discovered I was blind and started reading my own mind

That wasn’t the paradox

The paradox was the pair of documents that governed my identity

And bordered my insanity

Elected a precedent

for these divided States of mind And made me a foreigner

In my own imagination

They keep me locked in here because I’ve become a danger to their society

But they made me this way

When They kidnapped my destiny and placed it in a museum


I’m this way

because the art wants what the art wants

I look at the chains and I see walls I look at the walls and I see windows

I Look at the windows i see a soul i look at the soul i see a footprint

I look at the footprint and I see

a universal canvas for my

creativity to draw to any conclusions I see fit

I look at my body And I see possibility


through the teeth shaped marks they left

From When they made me a makeshift pen

And bit and bit bit by bit bit and binged and

Chewed on me to curb their chaos addictions

As they thought of more lies they could write about my origins

I look at the timelines and I see broken rulers

They broke the rules When

They Arrested the minds without trial outside their jurisdiction

now I speak the jury’s diction and I’ve discovered truth

That the book is inside my head

And the writings on the wall in my mind don’t conform to time lines

When my thoughts were no longer teething

my soul started to crawl across these pages

And I found myself uncomfortable with these author’s

My potential haunted them so they made themeselves ghostwriters in my life’s story

I used to think I was the antagonist

Now I find the protagonists antagonizing

They had the nerve to tell me I was free

that their education was key That it opened doors

They never mentioned the mansion I’m in has no doors to the outside

They Never mentioned information is a window

And When you have the right knowledge doors come knocking at you

But Doors can’t handle open minds

The world smiths know that the real key is to have no ledge

So your consciousness can grow

So your planes of existence can walk through airlines and so..

Why am I here?

I’m here because they made a mistake

They gave me ink and a pen and thought I’d write inside the pages

They never expected me to write outside the book

Never thought I would

erase the lifelines and draw new rules along reality’s cracks

Never thought I would travel across the pages and discover their words are sentences

As for why I’m locked up in this prism

It is because I am a world-smith And the main characters in this book of life are terrified of me

As they should be

Because when I get out And I will

Well Let’s just say The next chapter I read will be read

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